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Year 4


We practiced mindfulness this morning, by writing positive affirmations about our peers on their backs. During this time, we listened to calming music and reflected on these kind words that our friends wrote about us. 


Today we finished our unit of work on explanation texts where we made cross-curricular links to our pervious Science topic of The Digestive System.

Our success criteria included:

-causal conjunctions (to show cause and effect),

-clear paragraphs,

-3rd person,

-formal voice.


Today in science, we related our own experiences of changes when heat is added and taken away.

We also carried out an investigation into what happens when heat is added to two different coloured ice lollies, based on our knowledge of the properties of liquids. 


In Year 4, we have moved onto our next unit of work based on explanation texts. We read a text called 'The Teacher-pleaser Machine.' We used the Pie Corbett strategy of story-mapping to learn the text verbally and with actions.


This week in Maths we are focusing on solving two-step addition and subtraction problems. We have been using the language of start, change and result to identify the 3 parts to our questions and illustrating this using bar models.


Our book corner has been revitalised into our very own Secret Garden! 

The children have been reading in this area for pleasure and enjoying the calm atmosphere it brings.


Today we came to the end of our unit of work based around writing balanced arguments. 

Our success criteria included:

-using a variety of sentence starters,

-using facts to support my arguments,

-using a variety of conjunctions to extend my sentences.


Today in Art, we analysed the popular pop-art of Andy Warhol and had a go at creating our own based on our own lunch habits!


Yesterday in Maths, we focused on spotting patterns in multiplication tables. Look at the shape patterns we plotted!


On Tuesday in Science, we conducted an experiment using tights and various foods to illustrate the process of the digestive system.

'We all had a good time watching the experiment and my favourite part was when the food exited the plastic cup which made a massive mess!' Alfie E.


Today we had an exciting visit from Kasper's Grandma Sarah, who is an archaeologist who specialises in all things poo! We completed a blanket excavation where we discovered Roman artefacts. Sarah taught us how to inspect artefacts with care and precision using tooth picks so we dissected (fake) Roman poo to learn about what foods they ate! We had such an engaging workshop and we thank Sarah so much for sharing her passion for archaeology with us!


In RE we researched Hindu Gods and Goddesses. We focused on what each God represents and what possessions they are holding and why.




Today in Maths, we looked at the concept that multiplication is repeated addition. We used bead strings to show that 24 is a multiple of both the 6 and the 4 times tables. Then, we used a hundred grid to look at the patterns of the 6, 8 and 9 times tables. 


In English we have been looking at discussion texts and we used the Pie Corbett strategy of story mapping to illustrate our model text. We used verbal rehearsal with actions to embed the new language.


Today, Year 4 went on a school trip to the Verulamium Museum to explore their History topic of The Romans even further. They enjoyed two workshops on Roman markets and artefacts and explored the museum also.


In Art this week, we looked at distorted portraits, working up to our end of unit piece based on the work of Andy Warhol.


Today we recorded our findings from our eggs-periment! We found that some of the eggs were protected more than others and some were rotten due to the sugars that the liquids contained. We related this experiment to the effect that sugary drinks have on our enamel and teeth. 


As part of our Science work on 'Animals including humans' we conducted an experiment on the effects of different liquids on our teeth. We placed boiled eggs in coca-cola, orange juice, milk and vinegar to carefully observe the impact over the week! What do you predict will happen?

We then linked our knowledge of human teeth to that of herbivore, omnivore and carnivore animals. 



In art this half term, we are focusing on collage. Today we focused on using different mediums to make layers to portray people standing in front of each other.


The children have transitioned smoothly into life in Year 4, with a week jam packed full of learning! 

In English, we have read the book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' by Joe Todd-Stanton. Our focus have been on embedding the conjunctions 'and', 'but' and 'or' into our writing to extend our sentences. The children produced their own maps based off the map in the book and using complex sentences to describe what can be seen.

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