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Year 2



A big thank to you all for our very generous and thoughtful gifts.  We feel very spoilt!  

We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas break and that 2021 brings brighter things.  

See you all on Tuesday 5th January 2021.  x 




Amongst all the Christmas fun and festivities this week, we managed to finish our Design and Technology project - making the vehicles that we designed earlier in the term.  Everyone was thrilled with their final models, as the axle and wheel mechanism worked and produced a moving model. 



Over the last two weeks, in computing, we have been learning how to code.  It has been really fun programming our chosen characters to move around the screen and follow a command such as 'hide' 'stop' 'speak' when they collide with each other.  We certainly have some future coders amongst us in Year 2. 

Year 2 have been looking how materials can change shape by twisting, bending, squashing and stretching.


In Literacy we have spent a a few days looking at a painting by Henri Rousseau called 'Tiger in the Storm'.  Year 2 have come up with some wonderful describing sentences and observed the painting very carefully.  Today we wrote a poem together that we are very proud of and wanted to share with you.  Ask your child to read it to you!


Tiger, tiger burning bright

In the forest of the night.


Tiger, tiger walking slow

Looking for a buffalo.


Tiger, tiger in the trees

Prowling through the golden leaves.



In Science yesterday we were investigating materials to see which were the most waterproof.  We added equal amounts of water to plastic, tissues, cardboard, tinfoil and clingfilm.  Can your child remember which materials were most waterproof? 

Summer term begins at 8.40am on Monday 12th April 2021 - we look forward to seeing you then!