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Year 2 - Owls

Today owls class had their class assembly all about 1066. They worked extremely hard on it; rehearsing their lines, singing all the songs, creating their own actions to the songs, playing the violin and acting out a battle scene. Well done Owls! It was an amazing show!


In this week's art lesson the final project has been coming together really nicely. The children were using warm or cool colours for the background and on another page created a pattern of their choice for the hot air balloon. It was lovely to see the attention to detail when blending in the water colours together on the page. Well done owl class!


This week in art, we have been learning to draw a person posing as if they are holding a balloon. We started with a stick figure drawing and then added shapes such as rectangles and circles to make it look more realistic. Finally, we added some details to really bring the person to life! This was a great practice session and will later be used as part of our final project at the end of the term.

We have finished our Tuesday topic - which the children really enjoyed. We started our new topic in literacy this week which is about the book 'Monsters - An Owner's Guide' by Jonothan Emmett and Mark Oliver. We have already found some interesting vocabulary and are looking forward to continuing with the book next week!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Owls class have settled back into school very nicely. This week we started our new science topic which is focusing on animals including humans. We had a lot of fun completing a group task where we were sorting and matching pictures of adult animals and their offspring. All classes have been looking at the book Tuesday by David Wiesner in literacy. The children have been thoroughly enjoying it! 


Year 2 did an amazing job in their production 'Supestar'! A big thank you to everyone involved. Next week Year 2 will be completing their DT work where they will be making sleighs! 



We are busy rehearsing for our Christmas production 'Superstar' and can't wait to show you all what we have been working on! The children have done incredibly well learning all of their lines and delivering entertaining performances. 2 weeks today!!!



In Literacy this week, we began our new poetry unit, focusing on the beautiful poem 'Into the Blue' by Hilda Offen. The children are in the process of creating their own version of the poem!






We were very lucky to take part in an anti-bullying workshop this week, as part of anti-bullying week! 






This week in Maths, we have been learning to re-balance a range of number sentences. We 'think 10' and add/subtract to each part of the number sentence in  order to make it easier to solve.




We started looking at our new story, 'Paddington' in Literacy this week. We will be learning about the features of a diary for our final piece of writing where we will write a diary entry from the perspective of Paddington Bear himself! 




This week, Year 2 were very lucky to have History off the Page come into school to teach us all about the Great Fire of London. The children got to make their own candles, write with ink that they created and have a go at creating some healing concoctions.







Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Cross Curricular Orienteering. The children were taught about how to use a map key, the meaning of different symbols in orienteering and also had the opportunity to search the school for some!




This week in Art, we made our landscape collages! The children had previously prepared painted, coloured paper that they would use to make their collage and also used a traced sketch of the landscape to follow. The results are amazing and the children are all very proud of their work.






We are focusing on regrouping in Maths this week and have been substituting ten ones for one ten and vice versa. The children have explored dienes and money in order to 'make 100'.





In Science we have been looking at materials and their properties. We conducted an experiment this week to discover what materials were absorbent and which were waterproof. 





We began looking at the conjunctions 'and', 'but' & 'so' in our Literacy lessons this week. We created a range of sentences about our text 'Frog and Stranger' and explored the use of these conjunctions in order to extend them.




We began looking at our new unit 'People Who Stood Up For What They Believe In' today and focused on Florence Nightingale. The children made a factual poster all about Florence, what she did and why she was influential.


Welcome back to the Summer Term!