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Welcome to the PSA section.

These pages are designed to help you get the most out of your PSA and to keep you up-to-date with all the events and fundraising that are going on at school.

The PSA works to support and benefit our children by raising funds for new kit and equipment. We also provide events and a social network that benefit both parents and children.
Our committee is made up of parents and staff who are keen to be involved in their child’s school. We are always open to new volunteers: if you would like to become involved, please contact your class representative.


A new fast way of naming all your belongings!

A personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics.

No more sewing or ironing on labels.

No more losing your pencil case or P.E. kit!

Now you can just stamp everything!

Transparent block for accurate, easy positioning.


St Peter's PSA are taking part in the Stamptastic School cashback scheme.  Click on the link below to order directly from Stamptastic.  Use the code VERBS to claim 30% cashback from your purchase for the school.



PSA Lottery

Newsletters will now be sent out fortnightly. Headteacher's Awards will be listed each Friday in the section under 'Children'. This week we are celebrating all of the children that have been caring.