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We have all had a good start to the new school year and the children have settled in well. On Monday we did a few "getting to know each other" activities and started with "proper" school work on Tuesday. We read the "Colour Monster" in our Guided Reading sessions and discussed the different Zones of Regulations for our emotions. We also got our paintbrushes out and painted a large mural (and the occasional carpet piece).

Next week we will have a fabulous day planned with our "Great Fire of London" day. I will make sure to post many photos for your to admire.

On Thursday we had the most amazing day. It was our History Workshop "The Great Fire of London". The children all came dressed up and we had so many parent helpers... Thank you.. you really made the day special for all of the children. The children had loads of fun AND learnt a lot as well. There was not a boring minute. At the beginning of the day we created several items, as they would have in 1666 (well almost), e.g. weaving textiles, bread baking, making our own ink, working with leather, making our own candles, creating moulds for pewter buttons (out of clay), and visited the apothecary, where children were able to create herbal remedies for a variety of ailments. The afternoon was spent learning about the rapid spread of the fire, looking at huge floor mats and then becoming archeologists themselves, working in the "remains" of the burnt or collapsed houses. Finding evidence who had lived there, e.g. metal worker, candle maker, weaver, doctor (all relating to the activities from the morning). A truly memorable day!

This week we have been discovering our inner artist. We took inspiration by Matisse and his art towards his later stages: collages (or drawing with scissors!)

We discussed "The Snail" (it's enormous size) and how he used complementary colours to create his work. I think the children did a marvellous job. Well done everyone!

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