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This week we have been working on our new English poem unit "The Magic Box" by Kit Wright.

As you all know by now, I love poetry, and the children really did an outstanding job. Below some pictures of how we wrote our poem step by step and then some final verses of it.

First we familiarized ourselves with the poem and drew some of the items mentioned in the poem.

Then the children wrote their verse line by line including

1. each of the five senses

2. three magical ideas

3. three feelings

4. and what their box is fashioned from


Then they took their strips and rearranged them until they were perfectly happy.


Finally, and the most complicated part was publishing their poem, following the exact layout from the original poem.


Today we have inaugurated our lovely new outside classroom area. Finally the afternoons are nice we hope to spend some time outside with games, books and creative tasks. Now we just need to make sure that we all treat our new equipment respectfully.

12.5 23

Poetry morning

Today we had our poetry morning again and the children all wanted to read their poems in front of the class, in the end I had to use the lollipop sticks to decide who could have a go today. I am so happy that my Robins share my love for poetry. 


Today we have been on a nature walk for our Science lesson. We were observing flowers in our local area. The children all had a magnifying glass and were looking at plants in our school very closely. We then picked (only wildflowers) took them back to class and observed and sketched them into our Science books. Then labelled and described them trying to use precise vocabulary.


In Art we have started working with clay, looking at the vocabulary






The children learnt how to create inlays with different objects (keys, bracelets, pens, textiles etc) and experimented with different ideas.


This week we have been creating our own Impressionism pictures using our Chromebooks. Our new Computing unit is "Creating pictures". We looked at some Impressionists and watched a lovely video. The children then used these paintings as inspiration and created their own. They look fantastic!


Only one week back, and we are already busy... busy ... busy.

Our Art topic this term is 3D/Sculptures and we discussed in class what a sculpture is linking it to our prior learning of 2D and 3D. The children were quite amazed of some of the sculptures we looked at! After our discussion we finally put our imagination hats on and attempted to create animals made out of recycled materials.

Can you guess each animal. Unfortunately one is missing its head as we ran out of time, but you might still be able to see what it is!

The children were fantastic and had a great time. Team spirit and work is getting better and better!

29. 3. 2023

We had our amazing "Share and Play" morning yesterday. The children were so excited to share all their learning with the parents. They loved being the specialist and teaching all the grown ups. We had a lovely selection of Maths, Literacy, Science, History and DT.

Thank you all for participating.


On Fridays we have our poetry morning. The children read through our many poetry books, if they want to, they can read them in front of the entire class.


Today we had great fun figuring out a process of launching a marble and having it drop into a cup on the floor without touching the marble with our hands. The children came up with so many different ideas and wrote down their idea of the process. Tomorrow they will be seeing if their process works and we will come up with a solution. Then the children will draw a diagram and describe the entire process, using conjunctions and time connectives.




Today we have had our Science day! We had a very scientific and interesting assembly held by 2 Sandringham Science teachers and Beau was able to walk over raw eggs! Wow - how was that possible?

Further we conducted 2 experiments involving personal hygiene. The first one was about sneezing and how far the germs travel when we don't cover our mouth!

In our second experiment we discovered how far germs can travel on our hands! Don't be surprised if your children come home sparkling a bit! We didn't use real germs we used glitter instead!


This week we have been building our prototype of our Kalahari Desert vehicle. The children loved it, but we did find out it was more difficult than we thought. Who knew that washers are extremely important when attaching wheels!



Today we have been exploring famous sieges in history. The children watched a BBC Teach animation and then went into the hall to role play a story about their castle being attacked (or being the attacker) The photos are a proof of the swift "batteling" that  went on in the hall.

22 .2. 23

This term we will be designing a car (sand buggy/quadbike) for our Literacy character Sunny. Sunny is a meerkat who travels around the Kalahari Desert visiting his family. We are helping him with his heavy suitcase. We have been learning the words: axles, wheels, chassis and washers. The children have designed their own car for Sunny and by the end of this term will have used proper tools to build a vehicle that will  help Sunny on his journeys! This is a very exciting topic and we are looking forward to the outcome.


What a busy week the Robins have had!

First our amazing field trip to Windsor castle, thank you to all the parents who volunteered and those who came along. Everyone had such a good time, but somehow the adults were much more quite on the way back than the children!


The following day we had our brilliant Class Assembly: The Great Fire of London

Robins you were fabulous!



This week we have been exploring the artist Tomoko Kawao. She is a celebrated international artist who uses her whole body to create her Asian inspired art.

The children were listening to music and made marks according to the sounds they heard. Some even closed their eyes and let their hand lead them. Everyone really loved it and we all felt very relaxed afterwards.



This week we have started looking at our class assembly script. All the children are really excited about our GFOL assembly.

They love the song "In 1666" (London burnt like rotten sticks!) and we have already had our first practice run in the hall. I must say Mrs Doyle and I were very impressed with the confidence and enthusiasm everyone participated. We truly have some actors in the making. Please continue practicing the lines with your children.

We have also started our new Literacy unit - Paddington bear and have been working on commas in a list, time connectives, first/third person and conjunctions. I hope your child will be able to explain what these are. We have also started our new History topic "Castles" and we will have our field trip visiting Windsor Castle soon. (Letter will follow soon)


Dear Robins, parents and carers!

I would like to thank you all for the lovely cards, presents and kind words I have received from you. 

I hope you all had a good holiday and we are all ready and healthy for the year to come! Lots has been planned.

Thank you again for all your support.

Ms Feind


On the last day of the term I always tidy the classroom together with the children, ready for the new term ahead. They thoroughly enjoyed it! As I assume that is not something that happens a lot at home I thought I'd share some pictures of them tidying and cleaning everything! Well done Robins!



his week we had our Christmas Party, we did loads of arts and crafts activities and some games at the end of the day.

We've had quite a bit of wet play over the last week, but there is no time to get bored for us!

In DT we have preparing and cooking our potato soup. We started with comparing different soup recipes and identifying what ingredients are key  to making a soup. Then we started preparing our produce (in our case potatoes). The children learnt how to cut, using a knife, to peel, to mash, to grate and to whisk different liquids together. We then took our mashed potatoes, added onion, fat, garlic, vegetable stock and seasoning, blitzed it and made our own potato soup. It was actually quite tasty. After that, the children designed their own soup and chose which ingredients they would use and finally designed their own soup tin. So they should all be master soup makers now!


In DT (Design and Technology) we have started looking at our first topic of the year "Food". Where do foods grow, under or above soil? Our final project is to cook our very own class soup. We will be testing soups this coming week, starting to use the correct grip when cutting, peeling and grating produce and trying to come up with our own recipe!


In Computing we have been talking about "Online Safety" and how to write and reply to emails.


This week is also the week the children received their lines for the Christmas production "Baubles". They all enjoy the songs and are already quite fluent with several of them. We also practice them in Music lessons with Ms Wray helping us.

A busy start to the 2nd half term.

We have been looking at influential people from history, who stood up for what they believed. This week we have looked at Saint Albans and the children were time detectives to find out who our mystery person would be. We had picture clues hanging in the classroom and the children had to see if the can find out what the story was and who it was and where it happened. Finally we re-enacted his story. I do hope they all remember where the beheading happened!

In Science we have undertaken several experiments around our topic "Materials". We have been testing which materials are absorbent and which ones are not! The children wrapped a piece of cotton wool in different materials (aluminium foil, fabric, plastic, paper etc) and then tested if the water was absorbed or repelled. We also tested which materials can be bend, twisted or squashed. We had a closer look at the importance of recycling and the impact plastic has on our marine life, looking at the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch". I hope they will now all be a little bit more conscious when throwing items away.

In Art we have been working on our primary and secondary colours and created our own secondary colours. We then continued with complementary colours, which are on opposite sides of the colour wheel and "pop" when combined e.g. red and green, blue and orange or yellow and purple. We have then moved on and looked at Bridget Riley and her "Opt Art" (optical art) the children were amazed how this art movement seems to be moving, despite having been drawn on a flat canvas. If you have some time google some opt art - you will be amazed. The children have attempted their own Bridget Riley inspired opt art through sketching as well as through the medium of cutting paper (collage). The results were amazing! Our last lesson for our Art Collage Unit will be focussing on Kurt Schweitzer and his use of mixed media to create collages.

This week we have been discovering our inner artist. We took inspiration by Matisse and his art towards his later stages: collages (or drawing with scissors!)

We discussed "The Snail" (it's enormous size) and how he used complementary colours to create his work. I think the children did a marvellous job. Well done everyone!

On Thursday we had the most amazing day. It was our History Workshop "The Great Fire of London". The children all came dressed up and we had so many parent helpers... Thank you.. you really made the day special for all of the children. The children had loads of fun AND learnt a lot as well. There was not a boring minute. At the beginning of the day we created several items, as they would have in 1666 (well almost), e.g. weaving textiles, bread baking, making our own ink, working with leather, making our own candles, creating moulds for pewter buttons (out of clay), and visited the apothecary, where children were able to create herbal remedies for a variety of ailments. The afternoon was spent learning about the rapid spread of the fire, looking at huge floor mats and then becoming archeologists themselves, working in the "remains" of the burnt or collapsed houses. Finding evidence who had lived there, e.g. metal worker, candle maker, weaver, doctor (all relating to the activities from the morning). A truly memorable day!

We have all had a good start to the new school year and the children have settled in well. On Monday we did a few "getting to know each other" activities and started with "proper" school work on Tuesday. We read the "Colour Monster" in our Guided Reading sessions and discussed the different Zones of Regulations for our emotions. We also got our paintbrushes out and painted a large mural (and the occasional carpet piece).

Next week we will have a fabulous day planned with our "Great Fire of London" day. I will make sure to post many photos for your to admire.

Welcome back to Summer Term at St Peter's