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Week beginning 23 January

Book of the week: Lanterns and firecrackers

Rhyme of the week: Chinese New Year is here today

Number rhyme of the week: Number 2 song - Numberblocks

This week, we have been learning about how people around the world celebrate Chinese New Year.  Learning about ways in which people celebrate helps raise children's awareness and acceptance of what, how and why people celebrate.  It also helps put their own cultural identity and family celebrations into context.  We had fun using chopsticks to taste noodles and honed our scissor skills to make paper lanterns.  We also used paintbrushes to have a go mark making some Chinese characters - with spectacular results!


Week beginning 17 January

Book of the week: Naughty bus

Rhyme of the week: The wheels on the bus

Number rhyme of the week: Number 1 song - Numberblocks

We have had a fun week in Squirrels class.  The children have designed and made their own vehicles using reclaimed materials.  They learnt to use glue and sellotape to join materials. We drew a map of the Naughty bus' journey and placed 'environmental print' on our map to show the places they had visited.  Environmental print is the name given to the print that appears in signs, labels, and logos.  Being able to recognise environmental print is an important pre-reading skill; it helps bridge the connection between letters and supports children's first efforts to read.  We looked at ways of representing the numbers 1,2 and 3, such as number blocks, dice, numerals, finger numbers and numicon. Then we made collections focussing on the numbers one, two and three. What numbers can you see on your way home from school?



Week beginning 10 January

Book of the week: The wind blew

Rhyme of the week: The North wind doth blow

Number rhyme of the week: Five little speckled frogs

Our learning has been inspired by the rhyme 'The North wind doth blow', as we began our new theme 'Time to rhyme'.  We talked about scissor safety and practised holding scissors with our thumbs at the top, to cut in a straight line and make a kite.  We used tape to attach the string, then it was time for the fun part - testing our kites!  We also went on a seasonal walk, using our senses to find signs of winter.  We recorded our findings by drawing circles around the things we saw and crosses on the things that we didn't see.  We also read the book Mrs Mopple's washing line, which inspired us to wash some clothes and try out our new water pump.  Pegging clothes on the washing line is a great way to strengthen your finger muscles - can you peg washing on the line together at home? 

Week beginning 3 January

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  We have enjoyed hearing the children's holiday news.  Thank you for the moments from home, they have helped support the children explaining the three 'w's - 'what' they did 'who' they saw and 'where' they went.  

Week beginning 19 December

Book of the week: Eight candles to light

Rhyme of the week:  Christmas songs

This week we have been celebrating the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah. Some of the children shared photographs of them celebrating Hanukkah with their families and talked about how they light a new candle on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. We learnt that the candles are held in a Menora and we lit our own.  We also had fun celebrating the end of term with a class party and taking part in the Santa run.  Thank you all for a wonderful first term of learning.  We hope you have a relaxing break and look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.

Week beginning 12 December

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Book of the week: Dear Santa

Rhyme of the week: Christmas songs for our sing-a-long

We were so excited about this week's snow and had great fun playing in it.  We went on a sensory walk around the school grounds.  We noticed how soft the snow looked and how it glistened in the sunlight. We enjoyed the crunching sound we made as we walked through the snow.  We discovered footprints and had great fun making our own and following others'. We listened carefully and noticed that when were quiet, it was especially quiet and still outside.  

Week beginning 12 December

Book of the week: Stick Man

Number rhyme of the week: Three wise kings

Rhyme of the week: Twinkle, twinkle Christmas star

This week in Squirrels class, we have read the story Stick man and went on a walk to the nature area, looking for Stick Man and observing changes in the season.  We made our own stick men, carefully wrapping wool, ribbon and yarn around to keep them warm.  We were excited to receive a letter from Stick Man and wrote him some lovely letters back, working hard on our pencil grip to draw careful pictures and write our names.   We learnt how to put a stamp on an envelope and practised writing our names.  This has been a skill we have loved practising during play and learn.  We have also been thinking about positional language and had fun putting Stick Man on, under, besides and inside a box. It's getting colder and we are excited about Christmas.  Don't forget it's our Nursery sing-a-long next Friday.  The children are invited to wear a Christmas jumper for the performance, if you already have one at home.

Week beginning 5 December

Book of the week:  Julián at the wedding

Number rhyme of the week: Five wooly lambs
Song of the week: Away in a manger

We continued our learning about celebrations this week, learning that a wedding is a party for love and reading the beautifully illustrated Julián at the wedding.  We learnt how to be photographers, looking carefully at the cameras in our home corner and then using a digital devise to capture our friends.  We had lots of fun taking candid shots during play and learn.

Week beginning 21 November

Book of the week: Alife gives a hand

Song of the week: The family song

Number rhyme of the week:  Happy Birthday with birthday claps

Our main story this week was a story about a little boy who goes to a party for the first time.  This prompted lots of discussion about birthdays, cakes and presents!  We made cards for a classroom teddy, using namecards to have a go at writing our names.  We also made cakes at the playdough table, rolling out the dough, carefully counting out the candles and choosing the correct number.  There were lots of opportunities to explore birthdays through play with a cake shop, party invitations and card making.  This week Squirrels class also enjoyed sharing their family photos with their friends.   Having real photos of our own families prompted discussion about relationships, family members and identity and allowed us to celebrate difference. Please do have a look at our class photo album at drop off or pick up.

Week beginning 14 November

Book of the week: The little red hen

Rhyme of the week: The bucket song

Number rhyme of the week: Five little men in a flying saucer

This week, we began our 'Talk for writing' focus on the story 'The little red hen'.  Telling a story is an important pre-writing skill - you can’t write it unless you can say it. We started off by making bread to help the little red hen.  Squirrels class listened to and followed instructions carefully. Kneading was tricky, but we persevered! We had fun stretching, squashing and rolling our dough.  The best part was when we were able to taste the bread. Delicious!

We used a story map and actions to learn the story and had a go at drawing our own maps.

This is the model text we have been using. Perhaps you could retell the story together at home?

The little red hen

Once upon a time, there was a little red hen who lived on a farm. Early one morning she found some corn. 

‘Who will help me plant the corn?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I,’ said the dog. ‘Not I,’ said the cat. ‘Not I,’ said the rat. ‘Very well’, said the Little Red Hen, I’ll do it myself and she did.

 ‘Who will help me water the corn?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I,’ said the dog. ‘Not I,’ said the cat. ‘Not I,’ said the rat. ‘Very well’, said the little red hen, I’ll do it myself and she did.

‘Who will help me cut the corn?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I,’ said the dog. ‘Not I,’ said the cat. ‘Not I,’ said the rat. ‘Very well’, said the little red hen, I’ll do it myself and she did.  

 ‘Who will help me bake the bread?’ said the little red hen. ‘Not I,’ said the dog. ‘Not I,’ said the cat. ‘Not I,’ said the rat. ‘Very well’, said the little red hen, I’ll do it myself and she did.

‘Who will help me eat the bread?’ said the little red hen. ‘I will,’ said the dog. ‘I will,’ said the cat. ‘I will,’ said the rat. ‘Oh no you won’t,’ said the little red hen. ‘I’ll eat it myself’ and she did.

The End


Week beginning 7 November

Book of the week: A dark, dark tale

Rhyme of the week: Incy wincy spider

Number rhyme of the week: Zoom, zoom, zoom we're going to the moon

This week, we continued our learning about celebrations, with a focus on bonfire night.  The children were very excited to tell us about their experiences of bonfire night and enjoyed recording their ideas by creating their own fireworks paintings.  They tried really hard to use sweeping lines, wiggly lines and to use a range of colours in their paintings. We also put on our 'listening ears', listening to a range of noises from bonfire night.  We were really impressed at how good Squirrels class are at identifying the different sounds - a really key pre-reading skill. This week, we read the story 'A Dark, Dark Tale' and used our imaginations to predict how the story might end.  We also learnt how to play the game 'Incy, wincy spider'. Nothing encourages communication and language skills quite like playing a game with friends!  To play the game, you have to roll a dice and spin a wheel, to find out whether your spider will be going up, or down the water spout so there were lots of counting opportunities too.  The children listened really well to the instructions and had so much fun playing the game that they wanted to play it through 'Play and learn'.  Perhaps you could play a simple board game together at home.

Week beginning October 31

Book of the week: Lighting a lamp

Rhyme of the week: Twinkle twinkle little star

Number rhyme of the week: Five little fireworks

This week we have been learning about the Hindu celebration Diwali, the festival of lights.  We looked at some beautiful rangoli patterns and the children enjoyed mark making outside.  We used salt dough to roll and pinch our own diva lamps, using our “pinchy fingers” to sprinkle glitter on and add sequins. We have also been thinking about fireworks ahead of bonfire night and have discussed firework safety. 

Week beginning 17 October

Book of the week: Meg and Mog

Rhyme of the week: Magic finger

We have had a magical week in Squirrels class.   In preparation for our Magical Tea Party, the children baked biscuits.  They were really good at pouring, sprinkling, mixing and rolling their dough.  We hope you have a restful and fun half term holiday and look forward to seeing you all after the break.

Week beginning 10 October

Book of the week: Dear zoo

Rhyme of the week: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

This week, we have continued to be Nursery explorers.  We looked in detail at the home corner and practised how to put the dressing up clothes on independently.  We also practised hanging the clothes on their hangers! Perhaps you could hang up some clothes together at home.  We also learnt about scissor skills - talking about how to handle and hold scissors correctly and practising snipping.  The beautiful weather offered us the opportunity to observe seasonal changes and we enjoyed using our senses on an Autumn walk.  Do you like the crunching sound the leaves make as you stomp through them?

Week beginning 3 October

Book of the week: What I like about me

Rhyme of the week: Miss Molly had a dolly

Continuing our theme of marvellous me, this week we drew self portraits.  The children looked at their faces in a mirror, looking closely at their eye colour, hair colour and skin tone, before drawing their faces.  It was great to see the children thinking about where to place their eyes and mouth and talking about the shapes they wanted to draw.  Can you guess who they are? 

Week beginning 26 September

Book of the week: All are welcome

Rhyme of the week: Ten little fingers

This week, Squirrels class has been learning to printmake.  We learnt that printmaking is copying a picture from one surface to another by pressing it onto paper.  We also learnt that we need to cover the table and wear an apron at the creative table.  The children carefully put their paint onto a pallet and used a paintbrush to spread the paint.  We had lots of fun experimenting to make different patterns, shapes and textures.  We've been exploring other ways to print during play and learn - in playdough, with stamps and cars.   This week we also looked at ways to be independent at snack time.  The children were encouraged to pour their own drink and to clear up any mess independently.  Perhaps they can have a go at pouring their own drinks at home?

Week beginning 19th September

Book of the week: Our class is a family

Rhyme of the week: Three little speckled frogs

This week, Squirrels class has continued to learn the routines of the classroom. As we are working together to build our classroom community, we chose the story 'Our class is a family' as our focus book. We also talked about the importance of hand hygiene and learnt how to wash our hands by ourselves.  We made our own instructions, which we put up in our classroom toilets, to help us be independent in our hand washing.  We also had fun exploring the outside playground.  This week's rhyme is Three Little Speckled Frogs.  Perhaps you can sing it together at home?

Week beginning 12 September 

Book of the week: Starting School

Rhyme of the week: Favourite nursery rhymes

This week, we have been learning the new routines and exploring the different areas of our learning environment.  We have been really impressed with the children's independence, resilience and positivity and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  Don't forget that it's 'Meet the Teacher' on Wednesday 21 September between 11.15 and 11.45

Welcome back to the Spring Term at St Peter's