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Year 2 - Owls

Meet the teacher presentation



As part of our new Art unit 'drawing, painting and sketching', we looked at the artist Tomoko Kawao and how she uses unbroken movements to create her work. We practised with pencils first, listening to music to guide what we drew and then had a go at creating our own painting inspired by her work.




We continued our Science unit of 'living things and habitats' by focusing on food chains this week. We learnt what a food chain is and the place of producers, consumers and predators within them. We discussed a range of different food chains and then the children had a go at drawing a diagram of one. 






In our Geography lesson this week we looked at how people in Kampong Ayer travel and compared this with how we travel. We explored how their mode of transport is beneficial for the people of Kampong Ayer and their way of life and even got to design our own boat!







This week in Science we learnt about a variety of plants and animals and the habitats that they live in. We explored why they might live there and how the habitat benefits them. The children chose two animals and described their habitat and the pros and cons of it. 





We started our new unit in Geography this week, comparing Kampong Ayer with where we live. We began looking at the houses that the people of Kampong Ayer live in and explored similarities and differences with our own homes.




We were very lucky to have a Drama4All workshop yesterday where the children got to imagine they were in a medieval, mystical land and enjoy using their imaginations to create their own potion and play tricks on evil wizards!





We begun our new topic in Science this week, 'Living Things and Their Habitats'. We discussed the different habitats that we know, what a habitat is and what the features of a habitat are. Throughout this unit we will begin to identify the habitat of a variety of animals and plants, investigate food chains and question why a species may live in a particular habitat.




As part of Black History Month, we focused on Rosa Parks as one of our influential people in History. We looked at the challenges Rosa faced growing up in Alabama and what life would have been like for her. We then looked at all of the incredible work Rosa did to further the Civil Rights Movement.





To complement our topic 'Collage' in art, we looked at the art of Romare Bearden this week, and had a go at creating our own piece of art inspired by his work. 







This week in History, we begun our new topic looking at 'People Who Stood Up For What They Believe In' which commenced with Florence Nightingale. The children learnt all about her life, what she was passionate about and how she became influential. 






This week we created a wonderful Great Fire of London collage which complements both our History and Art topics. The children worked very hard to draw and cut their own city skyline and tear tissue paper into fire-like strips in order to create a very effective piece of art!




In Art this week, we focused on the work of Henri Matisse and his collage 'The Snail'. The children worked together on a collaborative project which they used to create their own version of the famous piece.






This week, Year 2 were very lucky to have History off the Page come into school to teach us all about the Great Fire of London. The children got to make their own candles, write with ink that they created and have a go at creating some healing concoctions. The children were very well behaved and we all had an excellent day!









Welcome back to the Spring Term at St Peter's