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Year 6

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Please encourage your children to log into Purple Mash where our class blog has been updated with their learning tasks for the week.


Thank you and best wishes,

Miss Tucker 

We have started our new Science topic 'Animals, including humans.' This will tie in with our PSHE work about healthy lifestyles. On Monday, the children were set the following challenge: 


Draw an outline of a body. Can you place all of the following bones and organs? Have a go at drawing what you think they look like!

Draw the organs to the size and shape you think they are. 

pancreas            brain 
bladder               blood vessels 
small and large intestines
heart                    veins and arteries
lungs                    spleen
liver                  spine, thigh bone, pelvis


Year 6 have had a really busy week of active learning! 


 As part of our learning in Maths this week, we have explored how to identify and measure angles, draw angles and find missing values. The practical tasks really helped us to think about what existing knowledge we have that could help us.



As part of our lesson about classification keys, we used sweets to explore how classification works, based on the similarities and differences between items.


We then used our new learning to describe how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences, including micro-organisms, plants and animals.

History off the Page Day

Year 6 have started their exciting new topic 'World War Two'. On Tuesday, they explored the chronology of the period and investigated the reasons for the outbreak of war. Yesterday, the children had a brilliant time taking part in our History off the Page day where they were evacuees to the village of Comberwick. Watch this space for photographs!
We had a lovely afternoon on Tuesday where we were looking at how to draw animals. When we first saw that we had to draw a polar bear, we thought it would be really difficult but, by using a step by step guide, we found that using shapes to create the body and our sketching skills, that we could make our polar bears really lifelike!

Year 6 have had a really fun and productive week! They have written fabulous portal stories (watch this space - some will be uploaded) where they made use of exciting vocabulary and stunning setting descriptions.


Today we are tackling the very challenging long division and putting our resilience in Maths to the test!

Year 6 have worked very hard this week in Maths where they have been tackling challenging calculation and problem solving activities relating to multiplication. They are experts so ask them to show you their new skills!


In Literacy, we have been exploring portal stories and using our knowledge of ones we enjoy to create an underwater world of our own. The quality of the writing has been fantastic and Miss Tucker is really excited for next week when we start to create our own stories!

Year 6 have had a really busy and fun week!


The children worked very hard at the Boy's School on Friday where they were mixing liquids together to observe what happened and whether an reaction took place.  


We have also started our new Talk for Writing text Flotsam. Ask your children to give you a performance of the story map!

A busy week in Year 6!



Year 6 have worked really hard in Maths this week to secure their understanding of place value! They though hard about how to explain to someone how to round numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1,000. Some groups even came up with catchy raps and songs whihc included top tips. 


Why don't you try? What is 34,567 rounded to the nearest 1,000?

Year 6 have had a really positive start to the Autumn Term!


We have been exploring place value in Maths and creating Roald Dahl-esque character descriptions! Watch out for examples of our writing which will be uploaded soon.


We have started our topic 'Frozen Planet', exploring how icebergs are formed and learning about the launch of the Titanic.