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Year 3

Meet the teacher presentation

Exploring Texture

Thursday 29th September

We had a lovely afternoon exploring texture through printing. The children produced some beautiful artwork using Lego, netting, beadstring and even a tennis racket!

Right and Responsibilities

Tuesday 27th September

In PSHE last week, we talked about what our 'dream school' would look like, how the children would feel and what they would be proud of. We then used the book 'We Are All Born Free' to introduce the UN's human rights in a child-friendly manner. This week, the children discussed what our responsibilities are as part of the St Peter's community. They also noted down rewards and consequences for making responsible and irresponsible choices. Some of the rewards included feeling proud of yourself, feeling happy and receiving positive comments. Consequences including feeling unhappy and possibly getting hurt as a result of an irresponsible choice.

Celtic Harmony: Stone Age Day

Tuesday 20th September

We had a great day at Celtic Harmony where we watched a fire-building demonstration, built shelters for hunter-gatherers, tried hunting using training spears and learned about the types of plants and animals that people from the stone age would forage for.

Describing a Stone Age Camp

Tuesday 13th September

In English today, the children imagined they were sitting around Om's family's camp from Stone Age Boy. We talked about our 5 senses and the children then wrote down what they could see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Tomorrow, we will use these ideas to write a setting description.

Reading Staircase

Thursday 8th September

Prehistoric Artefacts

Thursday 8th September

Today we were lucky enough to handle artefacts from the stone, bronze and iron ages. These included arrow heads, spearheads, coins and axe heads. We looked at pictures of early human shelters, roundhouses and cave paintings. Thank you so much to Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Boggis for organising the loan box from a local museum for us. We have already had claims of this being our favourite topic so far!

Welcome to Year 3

Wednesday 7th September

Welcome to our Year 3 class page. We have had a super start to the year and I have been impressed by the children's maturity and enthusiasm. A real highlight for the children has been using the gym equipment at play and lunchtimes. In Maths, we have been using different equipment to represent 3-digit numbers and have started looking at Stone Age Boy in English lessons.

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