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Netball 2021-22:


Netball club is run by Mrs Boggis and Miss Black after school on Wednesdays, 3:15-4:10pm. Each week, players will practice different ball skills and learn the rules of Netball. On the weeks there are games, there will not be Netball Club.


Autumn Term Fixtures:

Wednesday 13th October- Away v Prae Wood yes

Monday 8th November - Away v Bernards Heath  yes

Thursday 11th November - Home v Kiligrew  yes

Wednesday 1st December - Home v Garden Fields



It has been great to see the Netball team improving their team work, passing and results in the last two games, one against Bernard's Heath and the other against Kiligrew. The team have been working on dodging into space and this has paid off with excellent passing from defence to attack- and our first goal of the year, scored by Megan! Players of the matches, Libby and Sara, have epitomised the resilience needed to keep improving. It's been great to see more year 5 and 6s sign up for Netball club, ready for our final game of this term on Wednesday 1st December.

Roberta: "I was surprised and excited to play my first Netball match. It was a bit scary but fun!"

Ameera: "We played really well and tried our best. We are still learning and getting better all the time"

Well done to our Netball team in their first match in 2 years! After just 3 practices, they put in a good performance against a strong Prae Wood side, with some things to work on at club next week. Player of the Match was Libby for excellent defending.

Nursery places for September 2022 are still available. Please get in touch with the school office for more information on 01727 853075.