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How will I be involved in my child’s learning?

At St. Peter’s, we aim to meet the needs of all our pupils through the highest quality teaching. We adapt the level of work in lessons and use a range of resources to match their ability and provide the correct amount of challenge. If required we also provide additional support to meet any continuing needs. This additional and in-class support is regularly reviewed by teaching staff, Mrs Hawker  (Inclusion Leader) and Mrs Young (Headteacher) to ensure that it is effective and that it is enabling the children to progress quickly.

There are many ways that you can find out how your child is doing. We have consultation evenings twice a year, once in the Autumn term and once in the Spring term, where you can discuss your child’s progress with their teacher and look at their books. At the end of the year, you will receive a report on your child’s progress. In addition to this, please feel free to arrange a time after school to discuss any concerns you have with your child’s teacher or with Mrs Hawker (Inclusion Leader).

These times can also be used to discuss how you could support your child’s learning. In addition to this we also hold New to Year Group meetings at the beginning of the year and send home termly curriculum letters so you are aware of what your child is learning along with leaflets of different workshops or courses that you could attend. However, if you feel that you would like more support with this, please feel free to arrange a time with your child’s teacher.

If your child is identified as having special educational needs (SEN), your child’s teacher will arrange to meet with you at least once a term to discuss your child’s progress/SEN SUPPORT PLAN and to develop their provision and support for the next term. However, if you would like to meet more regularly than this, please arrange this with your child’s teacher. You views for the SEN SUPPORT plan will also be recorded. Once the provision has been carried out, your child’s teacher will assess how effective the provision has been in terms of the amount of progress your child has made and will meet with you again to discuss how to move forward. These meetings are also a good time to discuss how you can support your child at home.





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