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Our Class Positions of Responsibility:


Eco Council - Eli and Izzy

Sports Council - Noah E and Edith

Travel Ambassadors - Ruby F, Aiva, Sophie and Ciara

Online Ambassadors - Arthur and Ruby S


Tuesday 13th February

Thank you to all the parents, carers and family members (and year 6) for visiting us this morning for Learn & Share. 

Year 5 had fun planning and organising activities that they have enjoyed learning over the last half term. It was great to see so many joining in with our Dance unit of the Hand Jive and The Twist, creating Art printing, watching small group renditions of Beowulf and many others sharing their books and learning. 

Thursday 8th February

This week, we have started a new Whole Class Reading book - Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. We wanted to see what it was like to have etiquette and posture lessons so after reading the first part of chapter one, we tried balancing books on our heads, as they do at Lily's school!

Wednesday 7th February

We were very excited today to go on our Anglo Saxon themed day at St Albans Cathedral! 

We spent the morning adding to our knowledge about what food they grew and ate, before having the opportunity to make butter and conserve, like they would have done 1500 years ago!

In the afternoon, we explored the cathedral and met an Anglo Saxon warrior, who was a little scary with his shield, sword and helmet! Ryan was lucky enough to try on all of his costume and found it very heavy! We also saw and discussed some artefacts as well as learned how St Albans related to the Anglo Saxons.


Wednesday 24th January

We are learning 1950/60s dance moves in our PE lessons this half term 💃🕺Today we imitated and performed The Twist, which we watched versions of on the projector! We combined this with supported jumps, the Hand Jive and partner moves from the last few lessons to perform some brilliant routines!

Wednesday 17th January

We have been recapping our learning about Non-Chronological Reports, and linking these to our History topic of Anglo Saxons.

Children have been gathering notes about a variety of different topics such as 'food', 'clothing' and 'language'. Today, they memorised an interesting fact they had found and shared these with others in the class!

Over the next few lessons, we will begin to write grouped paragraphs and make these into beautifully illustrated double page spreads!

Friday 15th December

🇪🇬🐫🐪 Ancient Egyptian Day 🐪🐫🇪🇬

We're very impressed with everyone's outfits and have started the day by learning Ancient Egyptian Maths! Now we're making canopic jars from clay, making sure we take our time to create a string pot base and an animal head. 


We have also learned about the Egyptian writing system of hieroglyphics, practiced writing messages and written these on papyrus. I wonder what coded messages have been written and taken home on scrolls?


Finally, we have made our own 3D sarcophagus, designing the exterior and creating mini-mummies! Inside these are miniature book of the dead, amulets and other possessions, to represent the things the Egyptians took to the afterlife.



Canopic Jars



Thursday 14th December

This half term, we have been learning about circuits & lights in DT, and have used our skills to create a light up card!

Children designed their illustration and thought carefully about how they would include a light, which would switch on and off. They had to use copper wire tape, with LED lights and a cell battery, making a circuit which connected up when part of the card folded. 

Here are some examples of our cards and circuits - we have to evaluate our process on Monday and then you will be able to see them in person!

Tuesday 12th December

Back in September, Year 5 set themselves a challenge to read 200 books collectively this term ... And with a week to go, we're proud to say we've made it!

On here is a great range of texts from books read in class or in groups, from our book corner or from home. It's wonderful to see a mixture of books read aloud to younger siblings, favourite classics and new releases on the list!

Now we'll see how many books we can beat our Goodreads Reading Challenge by 📚


Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th December

This morning we tuned into Waterstones' Virtual Schools Author Talk with Katherine Rundell. We learned all about how she uses her real life experiences to enhance her characters and story telling. As well as this, we got inside information about her new book, Impossible Creatures, which linked very well to our Monsterology unit before half term. All children were engaged well and we were inspired to apply her skills to our independent writing of short stories focused on a main character. 

Wednesday 6th December

Year 5 had great fun putting their Gymnastics jumping, climbing and shape skills to the test in their lesson this afternoon. They worked well independently to challenge themselves to try a new skill, with pupils helping each other to improve, both on the floor and gymnastics apparatus.

Well done to the brave pupils who made it to the top of the full sized horse!

Wednesday 29th November

Year 5 have worked hard this half term to practise their Gymnastics and create interesting & well performed paired routines. Today we got to see the final pieces, which showed so much improvement and great technical skills! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸

Throughout our unit of work, we learned about unison and canon, mirroring and matching, as well as balances, rolls, travel and jumps. All the routines were created by the groups, showing such a brilliant variety of skills and techniques! Well done year 5 👏

Thursday 23rd November

This week, Year 5 have been learning how to calculate using long and short multiplication by 2 digits. We have persevered to remember our times tables and the method, to enable us to be accurate! 

Today, to apply our learning further, Year 5 used our Cross Curricular Orienteering resources to practice multiplying by 1 or 2 digits! Everyone was so engaged in trying to solve as many questions as possible from different locations on the map.

Class Assembly

This week we have had a brilliant time learning and rehearsing our Ancient Egyptian class assembly! The year 5 teaching team has been super impressed with the children's ability to learn their lines, take stage directions and be able to deliver their performances so confidently.

This morning was our performance to the rest of the school and parents/family and we enjoyed it tremendously!

Assembly costume photos and from rehearsal

Friday 17th November

This week we have recapped and practised multiplying by one digit numbers, and recently moved onto multiplying by 2 digits! We have thought very carefully about how to layout long multiplication so we remember to multiply each digit and reach the correct answer. Everyone has persevered well to tackle these tricky problems!

We have used colours to help us know which digit to use when we are multiplying - see the following images as our examples! 

Thursday 9th November

On Tuesday, we finished our Art unit by investigating Fauvism, and looking into Matisse & his works. We used photos of the school premises to sketch am outline, then contrasting colours to paint. We also attempted to use a range of brush strokes to give our pictures further impressionist features. We hope you enjoy looking at our works in progress and final pieces!

Friday 3rd November

This week, we have been busy reading, analysing and writing a variety of setting descriptions based on different forest scenes. We are particularly looking at recognising and using high level noun phrases and ambitious verbs. We have also been trying to use the past progressive tense, which will will continue to use in our writing next week.

Wednesday 1st November

Today we started our new PE topic, Gymnastics! Miss Honour was impressed by year 5's knowledge of gymnastics vocabulary, such as unison and canon, as well as being able to show a variety of different shapes, such as pike, straddle and tuck.

By the end of this half term, we will have improved our skills and technique, planned a paired routine and performed to the class. We began by practicing jumps and rolls, linking 3 moves and performing these in unison. Well done everyone!

Thursday 12th October

We had a fantastic day today, learning all about Orienteering with Cross Curricular Orienteering! We learned how to read a map and use these to move ourselves around a course, as well as finding markers located around the school grounds. The instructors commended year 5 on their enthusiasm and behaviour, as they not only engaged well in their session but helped the Year 1 children to participate in theirs this afternoon too! 

We are looking forward to using this new resource in PE lessons and across the curriculum after half term!

Wednesday 11th October

This half term in PE, we have focused on developing our Team Games skills in Lacrosse! It has been great to see all pupils enjoy learning new skills and playing a new sport. We have built upon their previous year's units by thinking about defending and attacking principles, applying these to using a lacrosse stick. This week we combined our 4 weeks of learning to play in practice 6-a-side games, focusing on our teamwork and sportsmanship.

Everyone is looking forward to our final lesson next week, where we will be running a mini lacrosse tournament, both playing and taking on leadership roles.

Friday 6th October

As part of our Geography topic of Rivers, we have been conducting an in depth study into the River Nile, which will link to our History topic after half term.

We used atlases to locate Egypt and the River Nile, as well as looking at the geographical features in Egypt, thinking about why the Ancient Egyptians would have lived there. We also learned about the importance of flood cycles for the River Nile, which enables farming to occur in the fertile areas near to the river.

Here is a selection of our work from the last couple of lessons:

Thursday 5th October

For the past couple of weeks, we have been immersed in our Monsterology writing unit, where we have learned about a range of monsters and created our own bizarre beasts!

We have written a non-chronological report about our new creatures, including a range of clauses, ambitious vocabulary and scientific facts. We are currently presenting these as a double page spread, so we can create our own Monsterology book!

Here are some examples of our nearly finished pages!

Thursday 5th October

In Maths, we have been investigating decimal numbers and are now applying this to multiplying by powers of 10. 

We have recognised we move our digits one place to the left when multiplying by 10 and today are proving this using manipulates and place value grids. 

They have all been great at verbally explaining this process and what the counters represent!

Thursday 28th September

We are happy to be sharing our reading in our new class reading log from tomorrow! Each week a child will be randomly chosen to complete a page all about their reading! Check back for updates throughout the term!

Thursday 21st September

This week in Maths we have been investigating negative numbers. We started by counting with a counting stick to practice, and then had an interesting debate on what negative numbers are and whether they were smaller than decimals. 

Today we related negative numbers to temperature, investigating line graphs and tables, as well as storeys in a building. 

The pupils all engaged well and showed good resilience to solve some tricky problems!

Notes from our class debate on negative numbers

Friday 15th September

For the past two weeks, we have been reading 'The Lost Words' poetry. These are acrostic poems focused on British wildlife and plants, with beautiful illustrations too.


We have read and analysed lots of poems from the book, looking at the poetry techniques used, such as alliteration, personification and metaphors. Year 5 worked hard to improve their vocabulary and use expanded noun phrases and prepositions throughout our lessons, producing some thoughtful poems on their chosen animal or plant. 

Examples of our finished poems

We are delighted to share our latest Ofsted report following our inspection in November. It can be found under Key Information - Ofsted Reports.