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Year 5

Our Class Positions of Responsibility:


Eco Council - Eli and Isabelle

Sports Council - Noah E and Edith

Travel Ambassadors - tbc


Thursday 28th September

We are happy to be sharing our reading in our new class reading log from tomorrow! Each week a child will be randomly chosen to complete a page all about their reading! Check back for updates throughout the term!

Thursday 21st September

This week in Maths we have been investigating negative numbers. We started by counting with a counting stick to practice, and then had an interesting debate on what negative numbers are and whether they were smaller than decimals. 

Today we related negative numbers to temperature, investigating line graphs and tables, as well as storeys in a building. 

The pupils all engaged well and showed good resilience to solve some tricky problems!

Notes from our class debate on negative numbers

Friday 15th September

For the past two weeks, we have been reading 'The Lost Words' poetry. These are acrostic poems focused on British wildlife and plants, with beautiful illustrations too.


We have read and analysed lots of poems from the book, looking at the poetry techniques used, such as alliteration, personification and metaphors. Year 5 worked hard to improve their vocabulary and use expanded noun phrases and prepositions throughout our lessons, producing some thoughtful poems on their chosen animal or plant. 

Examples of our finished poems

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