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Archive: Year 4: 2017-2018



Archaeology Afternoon

As a follow up to Year 4's visit to Verulamium Museum, on Tuesday afternoon Year 4 were very lucky to spend the afternoon with a professional archaeologist. We learnt a great deal about Cubby's working day: the equipment he uses, the conditions he experiences and the places he has been involved in digging. He works really hard and sometimes in very difficult conditions. He calls this free exercise!

We discovered that archaeologists make discoveries which have been subject to centuries of decay. It was fascinating to learn how the rates of decay differ between different materials. We were especially astonished to discover how long it takes plastic to break down !

As well as this, we had a hands on experience of retrieving archaeological artifacts from samples of soil from the A14 Cambridge excavation. We uncovered rim shards, fragments of decorated pottery, animal bones and fossils! Cubby told us that this material was mainly Roman. 

We were very lucky because we were allowed to select our favourite discovery and take it home! A brilliant end to a really interesting and exciting day! 

24th April 2018

In order to learn more about life in Roman Britain, Year 4 went out and explored the ruins of Verulamium. First they went to the Verulamium museum, where they learnt about and saw first-hand the archaeological finds from the dig in the Roman town. This helped them to build a clear picture of what daily life was like (food, entertainment, religion). 

Later in the day, they ventured to the Roman Theatre ruins. They took sketches of what was left behind and labelled according to the land uses. We will be furthering this new knowledge with historical enquiries later in the week!

YUM! Pizza making in D&T this week has been super fun!

History Off The Page - Ancient Greece

Bhaktivedanta Manor – Hare Krishna Temple

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple. The day began with a tour of the grounds, including the gardens and farm. We got an insight into their vegetarian lifestyle and how their religion affects their daily life. Later, we took some cart rides pulled by incredibly strong oxen!

A teacher from the temple told us lots of stories about their God Krishna and his many different forms and we learnt about karma. Just before lunch, Year 4 got to see a real woshipping session in the temple prayer hall. Lunch was prepared by the temple and was a fantastic vegetarian curry! After lunch, the children got to dress up in traditional saris and had their faces painted. Such an exciting and informative day!

Year 4 - Learning lots about food waste from the Food Ninjas!

Year 4 have been using various sources from the Ancient Greek period to explore the Olympics during that time.


Year 4 have been looking at 'The Magic Box' poem by Kit Wright. We have been discussing alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhythm and over the course of this week we have written our own versions.

We have been having lots of fun learning about the different types of teeth and their purpose. Stay tuned for our tooth enamel experiment after half term!

Some of our Greek Goddess Facfiles!

This week in maths we have been looking at column subtraction and addition. Here are some photos of us making missing number problems for our partners to solve.

We have been learning about the digestive system here in Year 4. There is a display outside the classroom showcasing some of the research we have done on the organs involved.

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