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Year 1 - Rabbits

Week beginning 25th September 2023

In science this week, we continued to learn about our senses.  We went on a hearing walk around the school and listened carefully to the sounds around us, thinking of what was the quietest sound and what was the loudest.  We heard so many noises, including trees rustling in the wind, birds tweeting and vehicles travelling along the road.  

Week beginning 18th September 2023

Year 1 enjoyed learning about toys from the past during the workshop led by History Off The Page. The children explored different toys and had a great time playing with them. They also made their own toys, including spinning tops, boats and dolls.

Week beginning 11th September 2023

This week, we have been learning how to show respect in our PSHE lessons and circle times.  We learnt that we must take turns when speaking, listen to each other and use kind and positive words.  The children all signed their hand prints around the charter to agree to follow these important behaviours.  We also met Jigsaw Jack, our class PSHE and circle time buddy!

Welcome to Year 1 Rabbits!

The children, Mrs Poll, Mrs Eedle and I (Miss Robinson) have had a fantastic start to the school year.  Everyone is settling in well and demonstrating the school values of positive, caring and inclusive.  We look forward to sharing our learning, growth and special memories with you on here as the year progresses. 

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