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Positive, Caring, Inclusive

Headteacher's Awards

Week Ending 26th May 2023

Positive, Caring, Inclusive


Year 1 Foxes

Leon is always enthusiastic about his learning and he listens well.


Lucy uses lovely story language and her work is beautifully presented.


Year 1 Rabbits

Jacques is settling into St Peter's really well and is showing a positive attitude to everything! 


Mabel has a very positive attitude towards her maths learning, she is tackling the trickier problems independently and showing resilience. 


Year 2 Owls

Natasha has been working very hard over the last few weeks to improve her reading and it is really paying off.


Milo sets a great example as a positive member of the class and walks into the classroom every morning with a smile.


Year 2 Robins

Quinn and Janice have had a positive attitude to joining the St Peter’s school community, they have joined in, made friends and come in to class smiling.



Year 3

Daisy is working hard to be more independent, especially in guided reading and Maths. Daisy has been focused and determined, listening carefully to feedback to enable her to complete tasks successfully.


Rosie produced a fantastic piece of writing based on Atlas of Adventures and wrote an informative leaflet about monarch butterflies in Mexico!


Year 4

Esme produced a wonderful leaflet explaining what to do before, during and after a hurricane. Esme showed a positive and determined attitude to this learning. 


Julien listened to adult feedback and wrote an eloquent description of the Fire-Fiend from The Firework Maker's daughter, working collaboratively his and his peers' language choices.  




Year 5

Aniruddah is a caring and inclusive member of the class who has enjoyed sharing his enthusiasm for cricket in PE by demonstrating technique and helping others to improve their skills.


Aayan always helps others, including his teacher, in the classroom and shows excellent learning behaviours by being ready to learn, and contributing well to discussions and questions. 


Year 6

Spencer has been enthusiastic and mature when approaching tasks and has worked very hard to develop his problem-solving skills in Maths in particular.


Mariyah is kind, caring and inclusive towards everyone in our class. She is always able to keep calm and find practical solutions when things are tricky or do not go to plan. 



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