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Positive, Caring, Inclusive

Headteacher's Awards

Week Beginning 30th January 2023


Positive, Caring, Inclusive



Year 1 Foxes

Maheera has made her teachers proud with her learning in the classroom.


Zachary has a positive attitude towards his work, especially with his reading and he is also a good friend.


Noah has a positive attitude and very inclusive.


Year 1 Rabbits

Orestis is caring. He looked after another child when they were hurt by immediately getting an adult and then helping them up and making sure they were okay.


Emily demonstrated a really positive attitude to Computing this week, sometimes technology can be frustrating, but Emily was patient and worked independently.


Year 2 Robins

Amelle is exceptionally caring. She has been so considerate and kind when looking after an injured friend and making sure he has all the help he needs.


Mikhael for accepting the leading role in our Class Assembly with enthusiasm and demonstrating fabulous acting skills during our rehearsals and stays focussed and positive throughout it. 


Year 2 Owls

Mila and Sophia NC for working together as a great team. Both girls are very kind and patient with each other and they have taken time to have really good discussions with each other about their learning.


Year 3

Hayley has an incredibly positive attitude towards all areas of school life. She smiles when approaching challenges and makes everyone feel welcome and included.


Rosie is a great friend to everyone in Year 3. Rosie is kind, caring and supportive to her peers.


Year 4

Zara is a supportive member of the class, she has a positive attitude and is always willing to try new things and challenge herself! Zara puts 100% effort to every task.


Ruby F is a fantastic learning partner, encouraging her peers to succeed and being selfless with her time when helping others in need. 



Year 5

Sophie is an excellent collaborator with others in the class. She worked very well with her learning partner this week to research Anglo Saxons.


Ernest is very focused and has a positive attitude towards his learning, no matter what subject or how tricky the task!



Year 6

Josh has stepped out of his comfort zone and the result has been that he has not only added some incredibly pertinent discussion points during our English lessons, but he has produced some beautiful writing too.


Eva.M has demonstrated resilience and persevered with some challenging maths and is getting closer to becoming a Long Division master, impressing her teachers with her positive attitude!



Welcome back to the Spring Term at St Peter's