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Headteacher's Awards

Week Ending 30th September 2022




Year 1 Rabbits

Amelie - For being a caring member of the class. Amelie always looks out for others and does her best to care for the classroom environment.

Liliana - For being so caring towards others. Liliana makes sure her friends are ok and is super at tidying up and taking care of the classroom. 


Year 1 Foxes

Joni - For being kind to every one in the class. Joni cares passionately for the earth and this is why she is one of our Eco councillors.

Anna - Anna always supports her learning partner brilliantly, especially in paired reading.


Year 2 Owls

Karina - For being an incredibly kind and thoughtful class member. Karina includes everybody and always does so with a big smile.

Maximilian - For the care and devotion he demonstrates when completing his work. Maximilian always produces excellent pieces of work, particularly writing, which he should be very proud of.



Year 2 Robins

Marie - For ensuring that the classroom and the tables are tidy. Marie also makes sure to notify an adult in the class if a peer at her table is struggling with some work or needs some extra support. 

Amelle - has been keeping our reading corner tidy and looking after our lovely books. She ensures they are correctly stacked on the shelves and that our reading corner looks all smart and stays looking like this.


Year 3

Eliza - For being so kind and helpful when adults are new to the classroom environment and routines. Eliza makes everyone feel welcome. 

Amara - for being so empathetic towards all of her classmates, considering their feelings and offering support



Year 4

Arthur -  For going out of his way to make everyone feel special with his positive energy and beaming smile. 

Chloe - For considering others' feelings when making a decision, Chloe is always empathetic and works with her friends to find solutions to problems.


Year 5

Gabriel - For always caring about the adults workload! Gabriel always offers to do jobs in the classroom and help others.

Kasper - For being caring towards his classmates at break times and in PE lessons. Kasper gives positive feedback and encourages everyone to play well!


Year 6


Shane - For helping children log on and play games in computing as well as caring for a friend who was feeling sad. 

Eva M - For being caring towards the children working in her Maths group. Eva helped and encouraged them so they felt successful. 




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