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Headteacher's Awards

Friday 15th September 2023

Positive, Caring, Inclusive


Year 1 Foxes

Arfan has demonstrated a really positive attitude towards his learning, especially in phonics and writing.


Tara listens attentively. Her hand is always up to contribute to our learning. 


Year 1 Rabbits

Erin is a very caring member of the class. Erin has been including other children when playing this week and making them feel special.

Luca has shown great positivity this week. Luca has been the best that he can be, every single day.


Year 2 Owls

Ned has had a very positive start to Year 2 and is working very hard. He has made great improvements in his handwriting and phonics. He makes everybody laugh and is kind to all. 


Sienna is one of the most caring members of our class and shows kindness to everybody she meets. She embodies all three of our school values and is a wonderful friend to so many in our class.


Year 2 Robins

Mabel has been working really hard this week helping in class wherever she is needed. She is a positive learning partner and readily exchanges her thoughts with her partner.


Noah always comes to school with a big smile on his face. He is very positive in all his work and gives his best in class.


Year 3 Otters

Mikhael and Ferran  for excellent historical analysis of the changes between life today and life in the 'old stone age'. They both put a huge amount of effort into their work. 


Year 3 Wrens

Sophia has had a positive attitude towards all her learning but in particular English, where we have been using our senses to write descriptions of life in the Stone Age.

Johan has shown confidence and resilience learning to write using cursive handwriting. 


Year 4

Aisha  has given 100% effort with Maths this week! Aisha has impressed Miss Giddens and Mrs Fortulanska with her positive attitude to learning, putting her hand up frequently to offer her ideas. 


William has been a fantastic learning partner this week, showing care and kindness with his words and actions. He greets everyone in the school community with his infectious smile and is always keen to react to teacher feedback. 


Year 5

Sasha has made a tremendous start to Year 5, focusing on all the tasks set and giving everything her all, particularly listening to adult suggestions to improve her writing.


Mr Watts and Miss Honour are impressed with the enthusiasm that Thomas has shown at the start Year 5, engaging well in all lessons and sharing his ideas confidently with the class.


Year 6

Sophie has approached all lessons with positivity and enthusiasm this week. She has a very caring nature and always looks out for other people. Sophie is a pleasure to have in the classroom.


Kasper has shown a really positive attitude towards his learning in class this week. He has been ready and willing to learn in every lesson and always supports others using his skills in PE.





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