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Headteacher's Awards

Week ending - Friday 8th October 2021


Theme - Being Inclusive


Year 1 Rabbits

Ayra and Roisin - For being inclusive when playing, joining in games and working well with their learning partners. 


Year 1 Foxes

Judy and Cagan - For being brilliant learning partners by working together and supporting each other really well, especially in maths. 


Year 2

Arthur and Abel - For being friends with everyone and for always being inclusive and considerate, for helping their classmates and making their teachers smile.  


Year 3

Zara - For being an incredibly supportive and helpful learning partner and always making sure they are both organised and ready for learning. 

Isabelle - For being an all round positive, caring and inclusive class member and always wanting the best for everyone. 


Year 4

Arabella - For playing with a wide variety of friends and making sure everyone feels welcome to join in. 

Ted R - For his positivity and for supporting other children with his kind words and actions.  


Year 5

Efes - For always being a friendly and supportive class member during lessons and playtimes. 

Megan - For being mature in her approach to disagreements and allowing everyone to feel like a valued friend and included in games and lessons. 


Year 6

Jerome - For always checking in on others and greeting all adults warmly and politely and working hard on being a good role model. 

Piper - For always including others - whether it's during breaktime or in class and relating well to all across the school. 




Newsletters will now be sent out fortnightly. Headteacher's Awards will be listed each Friday in the section under 'Children'. This week we are celebrating all of the children that have been caring.