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Welcome to our  Music Pages  

We hope to be able to keep you involved in what is happening in music at St Peter’s easily through this medium, and that the page will be useful on a day to day basis.

It will contain news of upcoming events, last minute changes to schedules and sometimes pictures and videos of what is happening in your lessons.


See below for an explanation of what music at St Peter's looks like for the children


At St Peters we try to give all the children from the youngest to the oldest an experience of music where participation, enjoyment and satisfaction are at its core.


We aim to do this by providing many opportunities for them all to be actively involved in performing music whether in small class performances, larger school performances or performances to the wider community, at Christmas the Arena and in the summer publicly and at other times in house


The curriculum allows them to explore and enjoy music from other cultures such as African music, music from the Caribbean and South America as well as European music and music from America.


We play and learn about music from different eras – Elizabethan, Baroque, Classical as well as music of the modern era.


The children have opportunities at all stages to compose and record their compositions.


Fundamental to our music teaching is singing, which happens in all their class lessons. Kodaly principles are regularly used during these class lessons.


There are many further opportunities to sing such as in the choir for the oldest children as well as in singing assemblies


In year 3 all the children learn the recorder as part of the curriculum. This enables them all to learn to read music. Very soon they are able to play real pieces of music, which gives them a great sense of satisfaction.


In year 4 all the children have a weekly string lesson as a class. They choose to play violin, viola, ’cello or double bass and before the end of the year they are able to play together as a small class orchestra.


As they enter year 5 they choose to continue on this instrument in a small group lesson and they quickly are able to join our large string orchestra. Nearly all of the children go on to take Grade 2 or 3 as they leave the school in year 6. From our last class of leavers there were 17 children proficient on a stringed instrument, some as high as Grade 5.


These children return this year as Year 7,8,9 and 10 children to form an orchestra named ‘7 up’


Also in year 5 the children are eligible to start the guitar which again many of them choose to do.



Altogether the children are offered great opportunities for a wide musical education at St Peter’s school which they are able to carry forward to their new secondary schools


Thank you to everyone who supported a very successful St Peter’s Winter Wonderland Fair 2019