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Education, Health and Care Planthis is a formal document which details a child’s needs and the support that will be given to them across education, health and care.

Local High Needs Funding this is funding that can be applied for in order to help schools meet the needs of children who require one-to-one support.

Extra Curricular Activities - after school and lunch time clubs.

LINKSLINKS run an outreach service to primary schools in St. Albans to offer support and strategies for managing pupil’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour.

provisionthis is the support or programme of work put in place to help your child progress.

SEN Code of PracticeThe SEN Code of Practice is a document produced by the government which states the requirements that must be met by schools when working with children with special educational needs.

Soundfield Systemeach class has a microphone and a set of speakers. The microphone is usually worn around the teacher’s neck and allows the children to hear them clearly. .

transitionwhen you child moves on to the next step in their education e.g. moving from Year 1 to Year 2 or from primary school to secondary school.

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