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Year 4


We concluded the results from our egg experiment today, using a table to display our results. The vinegar turned the egg bouncy in texture and completely dissolved the egg's shell!


Today we did some 'distorted portrait' artwork based on the artist Francis Bacon.


In English today, Year 4 analysed a text and identified which features were used to make it vivid for the reader. The features included:



-powerful verbs,


-power of 3 adjectives.


Today in Science, we used our knowledge of human teeth, to discuss the teeth of herbivorous, omnivorous and carnivorous animals. 

We then challenged our knowledge by trying to guess an unknown animal from a skull, showing its teeth! 

'I think it was a dog or wolf, as it has an L shaped jaw and more incisors and canines than a human.


This week we focused on the regrouping of 4-digit numbers, using base ten as a visual representation. Each child had a go at drawing their own 4-digit number that could be regrouped differently and we swapped with our partners. We then extended our knowledge by solving a number riddle, where we had clues to guess which 4-digit number had written a riddle.


Today in history, our curiosity for the Romans was sparked, when we carefully handled some artefacts, acting as archaeologists would. This included: oil lamps, pottery, hygiene kits and Roman coins. We found it the most interesting that the Romans would take their hygiene kits to public baths!


We started off our Year 4 ICT curriculum by reviewing our existing knowledge of coding. To progress, we used positional coding and language to move objects.

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