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Year 1

What a lovely first week back! The children have been busy in English, starting their new Talk for Writing unit. Currently we are writing instructions on How to Trap a Dragon!

The children have had yet another busy week! In Maths, we are consolidating our knowledge on number bonds to 10 and representing 10 in different ways.

We have finished our Science unit on Plants, and our History unit on Toys - the children have worked so hard this half term.


Have a lovely break!

During History, the children have been learning about what types of toys children played with in Victorian times, and compared them to the toys we have today. 


We have almost finished our Talk for Writing unit on Rapunzel, and the children are just getting ready to write their own versions of the story!

Continuing with our Talk for Writing unit on Rapunzel, the children have learnt some actions to re-tell the story, and drawn story maps. 

In Science, we learnt the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees, and naming the parts of a tree.

The children have been working so hard on their maths! We found one more and one less a little tricky, so we have had a few days to work on that - supported by homework. 

In Art, the children have taken time to draw a self portrait and I have to say they look fantastic! 

Th children have started their Talk for Writing unit based on an alternative version of Rapunzel.

They have loved making comparisons between this version and the original, and writing about their favourite and least favourite parts of the story. We are focusing on using finger spaces in our writing.

We have had another lovely week in Year 1. In Maths, the children have been learning to use tens frame - using their knowledge of number bonds to ten.

We also had a lovely day where the children brought in their favourite toys to talk about, draw pictures of and describe.

All About Me


Year 1 have had a lovely first week at school, making booklets all about themselves. They have drawn and labelled themselves, drawn pictures of their families and where they live, as well as writing sentences to describe a hobby that they enjoy.

Enjoying their first computing lesson

Enjoying their first computing lesson  1
Enjoying their first computing lesson  2
Anti Bullying Week: Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November