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Forthcoming Events

Future events in 2023:


Choir to sing at the Alban Arena, date: Wednesday March 22nd 2023.


20* members of choir to sing at Royal Albert Hall - evening concert: April 30th 2023

*please note there are currently 23 members in choir so do not assume you will be going.  In the past I have managed to secure extra places closer to the time but there is no guarantee. Tickets have not yet gone on sale (Dec 2022)

Our Christmas Concert is Thursday 8th December 2022 at 7pm.  There will be pieces played by orchestra and songs sung by choir, and even a joint piece.  Come ready to join in and feel the festive magic.

Orchestra have a Halloween workshop day planned.  We are hosting a workshop with children from both St Peter's Orchestra and Garden Fields Orchestra on October 31st.  Children will be allowed to look suitably spooky for the day - so costume or accessories are permitted (but please make sure you can still play your instrument!!)  We will be rehearsing throughout the day from 9am and parents will be invited to watch this combined 'spooktacular' performance at 2.30pm in the school Hall.

Year 5 pupils will be learning a series of Christmas songs to sing at the Cathedral for the annual schools Christmas Carol Service.  This will be in the morning of Tuesday 29th November.  Parents and carers will be invited to attend the service.

A Christmas Concert has been pencilled in for 7pm on Thursday 8th December 2022.  This will involve performances from KS2 Choir and Orchestra.

Our next scheduled performance is on Thursday 9th December 2021.  Orchestra, KS1 Choir, KS2 choir, y5 Ukuleles and y4 strings and things (optional) are likely going to be involved.


We are very much hoping that we can share this in person at a concert which parents and carers can be invited to.

Year 3 and 4 are starting to get ready for their production ' Peace Child' which is to be performed on Thursday 26th March.  Here you can find the words to practice the songs at home. 
Year 4 pupils are invited to sing at St Albans Primary Music Christmas service on Tuesday 3rd December.  The class will be walking up to the Abbey with Miss Taylor in the morning.  Parents are welcome to come and form part of the congregation.  The songs we have been learning for this occasion are below:



The Huron Carol.mp3



Now light one thousand Christmas lights - becca.mp3


Kids Christmas Songs Joy to the World with Lyrics Children Love to Sing Kids Songs.mp3

Thursday 7pm 28 November we will be hosting our school winter concert.  This is a chance for Children in the orchestra, lunchtime and after school choirs to show to parents what they have been learning this term.  The whole school will get a chance to see the performance in the morning.
After School Choir have been invited to sing at the Abbey for a special service involving the Mayor of St Albans.  We will be singing 2 songs within the service (both can be found on the after school choir page) which commences at 11am on Sunday 20th October.  More details to follow.
The Cathedral Choir are currently trying to recruit new members.  See attached document for details

This term, the after school choir (yr4,5 & 6) will be invited to sing at the Alban Arena.  In previous years we have taken the whole yr6 class but this year  we would like to open it up to anyone who is in choir.  The date has been confirmed for Tuesday 26th March. Tickets can be bought from the Alban Arena website from FRIDAY 1st FEBRUARY.


Pupils in orchestra, who are grade one or above, are also welcome to take part in the Alban Arena performances.  Orchestra children will be expected to attend all 3 nights (25, 26 & 27 March).  Pupils who are in orchestra will only need to stay for the first part of the concert.  There will be a morning rehearsal at Townsend School on Friday 22nd which parents will need to arrange transport for.  More details will be sent out in due course.  So watch this space!

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