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KS1 Choir (lunchtime Thursdays)

KS1 Choir takes place on Thursday lunchtimes 12.30-1pm. It is free and open to all in Year 1 and 2 but please register your interest by emailing Mrs Baker. A bell will get rung on the playground after the children have had their lunch and they are taken to the Activity Studio for the rehearsal. 


These are some of the songs we will be singing this term.

Dr Knickerbocker, ek, dho, teen! (performance track).mp3

I once saw an elephant (performance track).mp3

Hey, my name is Joe (Button factory) (performance track).mp3

Great Day

I'm Building a rocket


Wiggle Jiggle

Spread a little bit of sunshine

Start the day in a brilliant way

Sing for the King

Rhythm robot (performance track).mp3

Happy happy happy (performance track).mp3

Minibeast Rave

Well done to those who joined KS1 Choir for the Sing-a-thon. They managed 11 songs!


1) Happy, happy, happy

2) In my backpack

3) Rhythm Robot

4) Mini-beast Rave

5) Giggle Song

6) Little Green Frog

7) Wizard Singers

8) Let's be friends

9) Creepy Castle

10) Bake, bake, bake

11) Shotgun

KS1 Choir Sing-a-thon Selections

Snippets of all the songs KS1 Choir managed to sing.

My voice is really funky

In my backpack (performance track).mp3

The Giggle Song

Bake, bake, bake

The Scarf song (backing track).mp3

Creepy castle (performance track).mp3

Down by the bay (performance track).mp3

These are some of the songs we have looked at in the past:

Farmer Pete (performance track).mp3

The farmer in the dell (performance track).mp3

Let's be friends (performance track) (1).mp3

Animal tea party (example performance track).mp3

We're all amazing (performance track).mp3

Jellyfish (performance track).mp3

Follow the star (performance track) (1).mp3

Must be Santa (performance track).mp3

Menu song (performance track).mp3

The bean bag (performance track) (1).mp3

We have used a scarf for this song so we replace the words bean bag with scarf.

Little green frog (performance track).mp3

Dr Knickerbocker, ek, dho, teen! (performance track).mp3

Baby one, two, three (performance track).mp3

Shake my sillies out (performance track).mp3

The transport song (performance track).mp3

Welcome back to the Summer Term!