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KS2 Choir (after school Thursdays)

This Autumn term we are looking at a variety of songs.  After half term we will begin thinking about our evening Christmas concert which is pencilled in for Thursday 8th December 2022.

The twelve days of Christmas (performance track).mp3 - One Candle _ Virtual Choir (128 kbps).mp3

What Christmas means to me (performance track).mp3

Boys and girls (performance track).mp3

Hey dumba (performance track).mp3

Scales and arpeggios (performance track).mp3

This summer term we have begun learning a round and a power song which will hopefully have some solos in.  You can hear them here...

The tree in the wood (performance track).mp3

Wayfaring stranger (performance track) (1).mp3

On my way (performance track).mp3

Janie Mama (performance track).mp3

Opportunity (performance track).mp3

This Spring Term we are going to be singing a mix of songs with a traditional Scottish arrangement, ranging from ballads to raps.

We have begun our term learning the following songs:

Baloo baleerie 2-part version (performance track).mp3

Let's start to sing! (performance track).mp3

Under one sky (performance track).mp3

This Autumn Term Choir are enjoying a mix of songs from funny, to technical and beautiful.  We hope to share some of our singing at an evening concert on Thursday 9th December.

These are the songs we have been working with this term (Autumn 2021):

This winter's night (performance track - All Voices).mp3

Santa's coming for us (performance track).mp3

Throw, catch - Unison version (performance track).mp3

The cat song (performance track).mp3

Nobody knows (performance track).mp3

Please find attached the lyric sheet for the Alban Arena songs.  I can currently only put up a few of the mp3's as I don't have access to all the downloads yet.

Feathers & wax (

I love the birds.mp3

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.mp3

Try everything (performance track) (1).mp3

Touch the sky (performance track).mp3

Those magnificent men in their flying machines (performance track).mp3

These 3 songs will be sung at the Winter Concert on Thursday 28th November:

Power in Me!

Winter Carol (with soloists)

Ain't gonna let nobody

Winter carol (backing track - instrumental).mp3

Power in me (backing track).mp3

Winter carol (performance track).mp3

Ain’t gonna let nobody (performance track).mp3

These 2 songs are to be sung at the Mayor's Civic Ceremony on Sunday 20th October.  Both need to be known off by heart.

Power in me (performance track).mp3

Libera - When A Knight Won His Spurs.mp3

These songs are to be sung at the school fair on Saturday 6 July:

Wannabe- Spice Girls

Three little birds (performance track).mp3

Sunshine in my heart (performance track).mp3

Walking on Sunshine

Nanuma (performance track).mp3

Let’s twist again (performance track).mp3

Higher and higher (performance track).mp3

Alban Arena songs are now on below - please start listening at home.  We have not learned all of these yet in choir but extra familiarisation would be great!

Nsansa Censele.mp3

Salt water.mp3

Soldiers of the Jungle.mp3

we are the young second part.mp3

We are the young TOP.MP3

100 years.wma

Monkey's Tale.mp3


This page will have a mix of lyrics and audio files which yr 4, 5 & 6 Choir will cover each term.  In spring term we will be going to the Alban Arena to perform with other St Alban's schools.  The date is confirmed for Tuesday 26th March.  Tickets will go on sale on 1st Feb from the Alban Arena Box office.  All choir members are invited to come (new members are welcome!).  There will be 3 massed rehearsals (during school time) alongside the usual Thursday after school rehearsals.  Watch this space for additional information. 

One moment one people - Unison version (performance track).mp3

Its getting too hot for monkeys (performance track).mp3

The Snowman Theme - Walking in the Air (Piano Instrumental) (320 kbps).mp3

One Candle (320 kbps).mp3

The snow is falling (performance track).mp3


Dates for Prospective Reception Parent Tours for September 2023 - These are at 9.45 am Available dates Friday 9th December and Friday 6th January Please call 01727 853075 or email to reserve your place