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Year 3 - Otters

We Are All Born Free

Monday 25th September

As part of our PSHE lesson today, we talked about the UN Convention for Human Rights and read 'We Are All Born Free'. The children then created their own page for the book, outlining something all humans have the right to, such as a home, a job and to be protected from harm.

The Neolithic Revolution

Thursday 21st September

In History, we have been delving a little deeper into life in the Stone Age and how things changed between the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras. This week, we learnt about the Neolithic Revolution, in which people began to farm. This meant they could stay in one place rather than moving around.


Counting in Tens and Hundreds

Friday 15th September

In Maths this week, the children have been learning to count forwards and backwards in tens and hundreds from any given number. We have talked about the fact the ones digit always stays the same. Have a look at some of their hard work!

Stone Age Boy

Friday 8th September

This morning, we read and discussed Stone Age Boy before the children created their own story maps. They then used these to verbally retell the story to their partner.

Shell Structures

Thursday 7th September

We had our first DT lesson of the year today, investigating the appearance and purpose of various shell structures such as cereal boxes. The children then worked together to deconstruct their structure, exploring how it had been stuck together and looking at the tabs, faces and folds.


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