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Year 3 - Otters

Dog Smart Workshop

Wednesday 5th June

We were lucky enough to be visited by Darcy from Dogs Trust today for a whole school assembly as well as a workshop about being 'Dog Smart'. We learned a huge amount about how to behave safely around dogs. Here are some of the things we found out:


"Do not wake a dog up when it is sleeping." Philip

"If a dog runs up to you, stand still and take no notice of it." Beau

"Ask the owner's permission before you stroke their dog." Ayra

"Never interrupt a dog when they are eating, sleeping or playing." Vsevolod

"Stand still in front of a dog so that it can sniff you before stroking it." Ena

"If a dog is running towards you, drop everything and fold in your arms and don't look at it." Lilly

"Dogs do not like hugs." Willow

"You cannot tell by looking at a dog if it will cause you harm." Cayo

Tuesday 4th June

Feel It Feeling of the Week: Furious


Welcome back for our final half term in Year 3! We are starting off my looking at the relationship between days, months and years in Maths, including learning the number of days in each month and about leap years. In English, we are taking a trip around the world through Atlas of Adventures, beginning our journey in Finland.

Feel It!

Tuesday 7th May

We have started the Feel It program from Happy Confident Children as a whole school this half term to build our emotional literacy. We will have a new feeling each week that we discuss in our classes and add to our Feel it Mapper. 

Feeling for this week = joyful (high energy, pleasant).

Can you think of a time that you have felt joyful?


The Five Pillars of Islam

In RE, we have been looking at the 5 pillars of Islam. Last week, we learned what each pillar means and each table produced a post-it note to show their understanding of one of the pillars. This week, we took a closer look at the fourth pillar: Sawm. Take a look at our floor book from the last two weeks.

The Finger Eater!

Tuesday 16th April

This morning, we started our new English text, The Finger Eater. We learned that a troll named Ulf likes to eat the index fingers of children. He tricks unsuspecting passers by, holding out his hand to shake before chomping off their finger. We wrote list poems about all the things it would be difficult to do without an index finger.

Keeping Safe from UV Rays

Tuesday 26th March

In Science, we discussed the damaging effects of UV light on our eyes if we don't take the right precautions. The children made posters to advise people of steps to take to protect their eyes.

Pirates vs Mermaids

Thursday 21st March

We are all really excited to share the Year 3 and 4 production of 'Pirates vs Mermaids' with you this afternoon and evening. The children have worked hard practising the songs and I have no doubt that they will perform with enthusiasm to their audience. Thank you for all of your support with costumes - it is much appreciated. 

Comic Relief

Friday 15th March

Thank you SO much for getting involved in Comic Relief on Friday. It was brilliant to see all of the children dressed in red raising money for charity. We had some really generous donations and our fundraising total is well over £850!

Global Environmental Change

Wednesday 13th March

Having spent a number of weeks looking at changes to our local area, yesterday we spent time discussing global changes to the environment. We focused on deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. The children learnt about causes of deforestation as well as the impact of this on humans and wildlife. 

Mark Making in the Style of Van Gough

Monday 4th March

In Art last week, we looked at some of Vincent Van Gough's work where he had used a variety of lines and marks. The children annotated his art work and then had a go at copying some of the marks they could pick out.

Trip to the Cathedral

Monday 26th February

The children took part in two workshops run by St Albans Cathedral to develop their historical and geographical knowledge. Tasks included using a compass to locate various sites around the Cathedral, describing the position of one place in relation to another using compass points and using grid references to locate information around the building and places of interest on a map. Thank you SO much to the adults who volunteered to come with us.

Learn and Share

Tuesday 13th February

We are looking forward to sharing some of our learning from this term with you this morning. The children have prepared some activities relating to Science, Geography/History, Maths, English, Computing and PSHE. 

The Paper Bag Princess

Friday 2nd February

In English, we have been reading The Paper Bag Princess which is about a courageous Princess who braves a dragon in order to save a vain, ungrateful prince. The children rewrote the story from the dragon's perspective and produced some brilliant pieces of writing.

Chopping and Slicing

Tuesday 23rd January

As part of our sandwich unit for DT, the children learned and practised the bridge and claw techniques for chopping and slicing.

Investigating Friction and Perimeter

Friday 19th January

We have experienced lots of hands-on learning this week in both Maths and Science. The children worked in pairs to solve problems involving perimeter and in groups to investigate the friction created by different surfaces.

Golf Chipping

Monday 15th January

In PE, we have started a new unit of work based on Tri-Golf. Last week, the children practised putting into the desired area to earn points. This week, we had a go at chipping the ball over an area of 'sand', but we had to be careful not to put too much power on our shots so the ball didn't go into the 'water'!

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Friday 12th January

In RE, we are starting to look at some of the stories Jesus told. We started with the story of the two builders. Jesus told his audience that if they listened to his teachings, they would be like the wise man. If they continued to ignore his teachings, they would end up like the foolish man.

Welcome Back!

Friday 5th January

We have had a productive first couple of days to 2024. In guided reading, we made some predictions based on the cover of Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet and then read the first chapter. In English, we have been exploring Tuesday by David Wiesner. I have attached a video of the book for you to watch at home if you would like. In Maths, we have been classifying regular and irregular polygons.

Investigating Soil Permeability

Tuesday 12th December

To finish our 'Rocks' topic, we carried out an investigation into the permeability of different types of soil. Permeable means water can flow through quickly. We tested sandy soil, compost and gravelly soil. We had to make careful observations to see how quickly or slowly the water was able to flow through the soil.

Changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

Monday 11th December

We ended our History topic by completing our concept maps today. This is our chance to 'show off' all of the learning we have gained throughout the Autumn term. 

Words that Harm

Tuesday 5th December

Yesterday in PSHE, we discussed the phrase, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Most of the children disagreed, explaining that while words do not hurt us physically, they do hurt our feelings. We also talked about the fact that saying sorry can be important, but it does not completely take away the hurt caused by harmful or unkind words.

Mary Anning

Tuesday 28th November

Last week in Science, the children learned about the process of fossilisation and about the different types of fossils. This week, we look a closer look at Mary Anning and the importance of her discoveries in understanding the past. The children wrote diary entries in role as Mary, detailing her fossil hunting adventures.

Solving Problems with the Bar Model

Wednesday 22nd November 

We have been using the bar model to solve worded problems involving addition and subtraction this week in Maths. It's quite tricky to work out where the missing part should go but the children have demonstrated super problem solving skills and have been using the formal written methods to calculate.

Odd Socks Day

Monday 13th November

Lots of the children chose to wear odd socks today to mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying week. They symbolise all of us being unique and special. We will be taking part in a workshop later in the week too.

The Bear and the Piano

Thursday 9th November

As part of our new English unit, the children enjoyed working together to learn more about the lives of bears. It was lovely to see their team work skills in action! We have started reading 'The Bear and the Piano' by David Litchfield. We have made predictions and explored the theme of temptation.

Completed Shell Structures

Monday 6th November

Last week, the children assembled their gift boxes. They designed these using Purple Mash. Some of them opted to have a window too!

Harvest Collection

Monday 16th October

A huge thank you to everyone who brought in donations for our Harvest Collection. There was an enormous amount of food collected which will be donated to St Albans Food Bank. 


Thursday 12th October

This morning, we took part in an orienteering workshop. The children had great fun navigating themselves first around the MUGA, solving Maths problems on the way, and then around the entire school!

Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker

Wednesday 11th October

We are continuing to enjoy our whole class reading text, 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl. We have found out the recipe for making the Grand High Witch's special formula to turn all of the children in 'Inkland' into mice!

We Are All Born Free

Monday 25th September

As part of our PSHE lesson today, we talked about the UN Convention for Human Rights and read 'We Are All Born Free'. The children then created their own page for the book, outlining something all humans have the right to, such as a home, a job and to be protected from harm.

The Neolithic Revolution

Thursday 21st September

In History, we have been delving a little deeper into life in the Stone Age and how things changed between the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras. This week, we learnt about the Neolithic Revolution, in which people began to farm. This meant they could stay in one place rather than moving around.


Counting in Tens and Hundreds

Friday 15th September

In Maths this week, the children have been learning to count forwards and backwards in tens and hundreds from any given number. We have talked about the fact the ones digit always stays the same. Have a look at some of their hard work!

Stone Age Boy

Friday 8th September

This morning, we read and discussed Stone Age Boy before the children created their own story maps. They then used these to verbally retell the story to their partner.

Shell Structures

Thursday 7th September

We had our first DT lesson of the year today, investigating the appearance and purpose of various shell structures such as cereal boxes. The children then worked together to deconstruct their structure, exploring how it had been stuck together and looking at the tabs, faces and folds.