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Sports Council

Our KS2 Sports Councillors are...

Year 6- Noa, Isabel and Magnus

Year 5- Noah E and Edith

Year 4- Eliza and William P

Year 3 Otters- Yasin and Emily

Year 3 Wrens- Ava and Max



Tuesday 31st October

Our Sports Council had a wonderful time this morning sorting out a huge haul of non-fiction and sports stories themed books for the whole school! They delivered 4-10 books to each class, and we hope our pupils enjoy reading these  inclusive and diverse books! 

Thanks Peters Books & Books for Topics for the great selections. 

Thursday 12th October

We had our first Sports Council meeting this afternoon, where all councillors received their Sports badge.

We discussed many topics that they feel are important to them and other pupils, which we will focus on throughout the year, including new sports / clubs, promoting the coins & fixtures we have, as well as including health & wellbeing.

We are hoping to order a range of sports books for each class, to promote diversity and inclusion for all across many sports. The Sports Councillors shared the sports books they enjoy, and we will be buying copies of these and others soon!