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Story of the Week: First Day at Bug School by Sam Lloyd 

Rhyme of the Week: Ten Little Fingers 


Feelings and Emotions

This week, after reading 'First Day at Bug School', Nursery have been thinking back to our first day at school, and how it felt. We practised using the words happy, sad, worried and angry to describe our feelings using our mini-me photos in the 'Zones of Regulation' area of our classroom, as well as demonstrating how these feelings are shown on our faces. 







A Listening Walk!

This week during our phonics lesson, Nursery went on a listening walk. We used our ears to listen carefully to all the sounds we could hear in the school grounds. 




Marvellous Me!

Thank you for helping your child prepare a 'Marvellous Me' bag full of objects to share with their new friends and teachers. We have enjoyed learning about each others' families, our hobbies and our likes and dislikes. 






Our First Week At Nursery!

A warm welcome to all of the families who have joined St Peter's this year. We look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy seeing what we have been learning about. 


This week Nursery have been enjoying exploring their new learning environment both inside and out.





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