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Year 3

More Fancy Dress Pictures!

Friday 15th October


Printing with Colour and Texture

Thursday 14th October

Today we continued our unit of work on printing by exploring colour and texture. We used Lego bricks, corrugated paper, a football, cubes, cotton reels and polystyrene tiles to make different patterns in our sketch books.

Extreme Reading

Wednesday 13th October

Thank you for all of the contributions so far to our 'Extreme Reading' display. This is up in our spare classroom to inspire reading and show off some of the children's favourite (extreme!) reading spots! Mrs Walton will also be making a whole school display after half term. It is not too late to send in your photos to add to our wall.

Fancy Dress Day

Friday 8th October



Thursday 7th October

We had a great time in Art today using lolly sticks to carve patterns into polystyrene tiles. We then used a roller to apply paint to our tile before printing into our Sketch Books. 

Happy Humans

Tuesday 5th October

Today we had our fourth session with Charlotte from Happy Humans. It has been so lovely to see the children's enjoyment and relaxation during these sessions grow since the beginning of September. Charlotte and I were particularly proud today as the children gave each other massages (with permission) whilst whispering positive affirmations to one another. We end each session with a guided meditation. 

'Think 100'

Monday 4th October

We are midway through a sequence of lessons focused on addition in Maths at the moment. As you have seen from the homework, we have mastered 'think 10' as a strategy and today we moved on to 'think 100'. Have a look at our brilliant work below!

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

Friday 1st October

We have started our next unit in English lessons this week, with a non-fiction focus on instructions. Our model text is How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. So far, we have identified the features of instruction texts and started drawing our text maps.

Scooter Training

29th September

The children had a fantastic time at scooter training last week. Please enjoy looking at some of the photos of them practising their scootering on the MUGA.

Circus Skills

21st September

This morning, we were lucky enough to experience a circus skills workshop, where the children were encouraged to be resilient and give difficult things a go. I felt really proud watching all of the children try new things with a positive mindset, and of course have fun too! We tried plate spinning, walking on a tightrope, using diablos, balancing peacock feathers on our bodies, using stilts and more!


20th September

The children have shown great improvement in their basketball skills already this term! We have been practising dribbling the ball at waist height, using the right amount of power to keep the ball at the right level.

Roller Printing

16th September

We began our first Art unit of work today. We experimented using different techniques with a roller. 

Happy Humans

W/c 13th September

We had our first Happy Humans session of Year 3 with Charlotte on Tuesday. We talked about how our bodies feel when we are excited and when we are calm. I was really impressed by how well most of the children were able to relax and enjoy the meditation at the end. We will have sessions with Charlotte every Tuesday afternoon until half term. 

Welcome to Year 3!

W/c 6th September

This week, we have started learning our newest model text - a diary entry based on the Stone Age. The children have already come up with some fantastic, memorable actions to help us remember the structure and language of the text. I wonder if they can perform it for you?



Newsletters will now be sent out fortnightly. Headteacher's Awards will be listed each Friday in the section under 'Children'. This week we are celebrating all of the children that have been caring.