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Songs we have learned in KS2 singing assembly

With restrictions back in place we were unable to have whole school singing assembly in Spring 1 however now we are back again we have begun by learning some great songs for Spring 2 which you can find below:

Interwoven tapestry (performance track).mp3

This term we have looked at a number of songs in assembly.  Here you can listen to the songs we have learned this year: (Autumn 2021)

One moment, one people - Unison version (performance track).mp3

Firework (performance track).mp3

Save our planet (performance track - Unison).mp3


These are songs we have learned in previous terms:

This little light of mine (performance track).mp3

Let's dance (performance track).mp3

Nobody wants to grow old (performance track).mp3

Be kind online (performance track).mp3

Proud of our school (performance track).mp3

Thank your lucky stars (performance track).mp3

Try everything (performance track).mp3

Let's Harvest (performance track).mp3

Creepy castle (performance track) (1).mp3

Remember (performance track).mp3

Power in me (performance track).mp3

Put A Nose On It! [Red Nose Day 2017] - Words on Screen™ v2 Sample.mp3

What makes a family (performance track).mp3


Aiken Drum (performace track).mp3

Food groups are rockin tonight (performance track).mp3

Be the change (performance track - unison version).mp3

The twelve days of Christmas (performance track).mp3

Follow the Star

Wade in the water (backing track).mp3

Count on me (performance track).mp3

Vegetables and fruit (performance track).mp3

This little light of mine (performance track).mp3

In the autumn (performance track).mp3

I wanna be like you (performance track).mp3

Harvest for the world (performance track).mp3

Good to be me (performance track).mp3

Build it high (performance track).mp3

As I was walking down the street (performance track).mp3

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