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Year 4


In Science, we carefully observed the results of our egg experiment, emulating the impact different liquids have on our teeth.

We found that the coca-cola damaged the shell of the egg the most, that the vinegar preserved the inside of the egg and that the water did not damage the shell of the egg at all. 

We used our results to write letter as Dentists, giving our top tips for healthy teeth!


We set up a fair test experiment where we set out to find out which liquid (milk, vinegar, coca-cola or water) causes the most damage to hard boiled eggs, emulating the effect it has on our teeth. 

'The least amount of damage will be from the milk. I think this because it is good for your bones.'

'My prediction is that the coca-cola will break down the egg the most as it has a lot of sugar.'

Next week, we will be looking at our results and making a scientific conclusion.


In Tuesday's maths, we learnt how to regroup 4-digit numbers. We used place value notation to help us to show the regrouping and understand how a number can be written in several different ways.

We then challenged our understanding by completing a number riddle. 


In PSHE this week, we focused on how we can make our Year 4 class a team. We discussed the words 'included' versus 'excluded' and thought of situations where exclusion and inclusion have occurred. As being inclusive is one of our school values, we then discussed how we can be move inclusive.

'People would feel included if everyone was kind.'

'Including means listening to others people's ideas, letting them know they are appreciated.'

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