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Year 1 - Rabbits


In Art we have listened to the story of Hairy Maclary, then used different media such as charcoal, paint, pencil and pastel to represent the dogs' fur. 



In Literacy this week, we went outside to gather ingredients for Gruffalo Stew. We then used the bossy verbs we have learnt and have written some excellent recipes.


In Computing, we have learnt a new word called 'algorithm' and followed a set of instructions using the paint tools on Purple Mash - this was great fun!

We have been reading a new text in Literacy called Gruffalo Crumble. This is a recipe book and our focus is 'bossy' verbs. The children loved making (and eating) Terrible Tusks! 

A huge WELL DONE to all the children on their Christmas production this week. They have worked extremely hard learning all of the songs and dances and did amazingly well.


We have had another week of play rehearsals in Year 1. We are doing great and are very excited for next week! We had our last Happy Humans session with Charlotte this week, and have made a Friendship Token in PSHE and talked about what it means to be a good friend, and what qualities we look for in a friend.  


It was lovely to see so many of you at the Year 1 phonics and reading workshop this week. The PowerPoint slides are attached in case you were unable to come.


We are getting Christmassy in Year 1! We have spent a lot of time rehearsing the songs for our production and learning some fabulous dance routines, we are very excited! 


In Maths this week, we have been learning to use a new resource called Base 10 (or Dienes) We are embedding our knowledge of place value, and understanding that the 1 in written numbers (11-19) stands for 10. 

Continuing with our DT topic, the children had a go at making a background and then making a lever so that a bumblebee lands on a flower. This was a bit tricky as they had to push a split pin through the card. The children worked so hard on this and produced some amazing work, well done everyone! 


We have started our Sliders and Levers topic in D&T. The children learnt how to make a slider in this lesson. It was quite fiddly but the children did a great job. Well done everyone!

Another super week in Year 1! We have started writing our stories in Literacy, making changes to the original version of The Journey. We also had our first Happy Humans session with Charlotte where we pretended to visit the North Pole - this was lots of fun! 


What a great first week back! We have started our new Talk for Writing book in Literacy called The Journey. The children started off by having a hunt around the classroom, looking for different types of transport. We then moved on to learning a short version of the story, where the children enjoyed doing the actions to the story. 


In Science, we went on an Autumn walk where we looked for signs of Autumn, and learnt about why the leaves change colour.


We have been learning about our senses this half term. We had a great Science lesson yesterday where we had to taste lots of crisps and try to identify which flavours they were. It was lots of fun and very yummy!


We have had a great week in Year 1. We have been reading Rosie's Hen in Literacy, recapping prepositional language and think of our own places we would like to go.


In Science, we have continued our work on senses. We had oranges, shower gel, garlic, herbs and coffee in different cups and then had to see if we could identify them using only our sense of smell!

In Science this week, we have been learning about 'touch' being one of the 5 senses. The children had great fun feeling inside each bag and guessing what was in there. The jelly and the baked beans were the highlight! 

We have had another super week in Year 1. We have been reading a book called Knock, Knock, Who's There? We have chosen our favourite characters, and drawn and labelled some great pictures this week. 


We had Gymnastics with Mark Westley this week where we learnt lots of body positions such as star, ball, tuck, pike and straddle. Maybe the children could give their grown ups a demo at home!

We have had great week in Year 1 this week, getting back into our normal routine! We have been reading a book in Literacy called Oliver's Vegetables, and making simple changes to the story. 


We also had a lot of fun on Tuesday afternoon learning circus skills - we walked on stilts, learnt to walk the tightrope and did some plate spinning - it was so much fun!

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