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What expertise do we have in school to support your child?

St Peter’s School are committed to supporting on-going training for all their staff.

Our staff have participated in many training courses during the course of this year including:

·       Delivering intervention programmes such as High Five (writing programme for Year 5).

·       Phonics and phonological awareness

·       Hearing impairment in the classroom

·       Auditory Processing Disorder and implications for the classroom

·       Dyslexia Awareness in the Classroom

·       ELKLAN (speech and language)

·       Lifting and Handling training

·       Feeding tubes and pumps training

·       Development of Speech Sounds

·       Development of Vocabulary

·       Penn Resilience Programme

We also have members of staff with specific qualifications relating to SEN.

Mrs Boggis – has a National Award for SEN Co-ordination and PG Certificate in Vulnerable Learning

Mrs Elder – has a Trinity TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) diploma, an OCR Level 5 in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) and an Advanced Diploma in the Teaching of Maths at Cambridge University.

Mrs Tilley – has British Sign Language Level 3

We also work with many different specialist services from our local authority and the NHS including:

·       Speech and language therapy

·       Educational psychology

·       Physiotherapy

·       Occupational therapy

·       Communication Disorders Team

·       Counselling

·       Windermere SpLD Base

·       Hearing Impairment Team

·       Physical and Neurological Impairment Team

·       Child and Adolesent Mental Health service

·       Clinical Psychologists

·       Children’s Community Nurses

·       Great Ormond Street Hospital

Your child may work with one of these services if a referral to that service is made. This may come through your GP, paediatrician or through our school. We would seek advice from a specialist service if we feel that they could have a positive impact on your child’s progress through sharing their expertise in an area of need. This would be discussed with you and your permission sought before any referral is made.

We currently have spaces in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6. Please call the school office to book a tour. To make an in-year application please visit