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Education, Health and Care Plan – this is a formal document which details a child’s needs and the support that will be given to them across education, health and care.

Exceptional Needs Funding – this is funding that can be applied for in order to help schools meet the needs of children who require one-to-one support.

LINKS – LINKS run an outreach service to primary schools in St. Albans to offer support and strategies for managing pupil’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour.

provision – this is the support or programme of work put in place to help your child progress.

SEN Code of Practice – The SEN Code of Practice is a document produced by the government which states the requirements that must be met by schools when working with children with special educational needs.

Soundfield System – each class has a microphone and a set of speakers. The microphone is usually worn around the teacher’s neck and allows the children to hear them clearly.

statement – this is a formal document detailing the child’s needs and the support that will be given to them.

transition – when you child moves on to the next step in their education e.g. moving from Year 1 to Year 2 or from primary school to secondary school.