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Music in the classroom

Improvisations on the Firebird by Year 3 and 4  March 2017

The children in Year 3 and Year 4 have been improvising music based on the story of the Firebird. The Firebird is a Russian folkstory which tells of Prince Igor who wanders into the garden of Kaschei the evil monster because he sees the dazzlingly beautiful Firebird. He captures the Firebird who wins her release by offering him a magic feather for any time he finds himself in trouble.

Ivan sees and falls in love with a beautiful Princess but Kaschei is protective and plots to turn Ivan to stone. The Firebird is able to save Ivan and Kaschei and his retinue are forced to dance an infernal dance. Exhausted, they fall asleep and as they do so Ivan is able to destroy Kaschei's soul and Kaschei dies.

Ivan and the Princess marry and all the creatures are restored to life. There is general celebration and rejoicing.

Stravinsky created the music for a ballet around this story and we have done the same.

Listen to our music played by Year 3 on many different percussion instruments and by Year 4 using our stringed instruments. You  can hear it on the videos page

Listen to Stravinsky's music or watch it on the BBC's Ten Pieces. Both Year 3 and 4 particularly enjoyed the Infernal dance and the final celebration . You can hear this tune of Stravinsky's being played by our Year 4 orchestra.

Year 4 Improvisations on Planet Earth

The Year 4 children, all of whom learn stringed instruments in their music lessons have had a great time making up film music to accompany different parts of the Planet Earth wildlife programmes.

They represented memorable extracts from the programmes such as the dancing bears, the parading flamingos, the lizard hatchling making his escape, Lemurs leaping, and the awesome Komodo Dragon.

Listen to the videos on the video page to hear their improvisations.

Year 5 African music

A Year 5 have been learning about African music this term. We have used Agogo bells, Djun djuns, Djembes, and Shekere to play our piece. As you can hear it has complex cross rhythms, and when we are all playing together it sounds very loud! You can hear us on the video page.

Year 3 classroom music


The children in year 3 have been singing a large number of different songs in the last few weeks and learning how to accompany themselves using boomwhackers. Listen to our rendition of There was an old man called Michael Finnigan which is on the video page.