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Music in the classroom

Autumn Term


Year 1 have been looking at some songs following their theme 'All About Me'.  We have been learning how to find the pulse and play some un-tuned percussion.  We have even begun to play at certain points in the music, this has required control and good listening.


Year 2 have been learning songs all about the Great Fire of London.  We have learned how to sing London's burning in a round and pupils have begun to use tuned instruments to learn how to play the simple melody.  This will lead the way to being able to compose our own simple 2 or 3 note melody.


Year 3 Have been learning some songs about the stone-age.  We have used these songs to help us learn about how symbols can help us make music.  Children have been able to read and play simple rhythms and in turn compose their own.  They have also been working hard with their recorder teacher, Mrs Salway.


Year 4 have been continuing their Strings and Things lessons and have recently introduced using the bow.  We will showcasing what we have learned on Thursday 9th November to parents at 2.45pm  .


Year 5 have written a two layered chant for an Egyptian ceremony.  They used words to describe the Egyptian gods to generate ideas for producing their rhythms.  They have been listening to Komi Egyptian music and been given an Egyptian scale to compose their own melodies using tuned instruments including the keyboards.


Year 6 have been discovering how music is made up of many layers.  They have used a short section from the Titanic movie soundtrack, My Heart Will Go On to first play by ear.  We had to listen closely to the pitch and then have found ways to write down the notes, some using formal notation.  We will look at more songs from around the time of the titanic and with a Celtic feel, as of course the Titanic was built in Northern Ireland.

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