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Welcome to Nursery!

EYFS Sports Day
Supporting transition into Reception
Holidays and Summer
Minibeasts and Eid

FUDGE Day Stay and Play

We hope you had a wonderful morning and enjoyed the activities and songs sung to you.  We wish you a wonderful FUDGE day for Sunday!


Under the Sea

This week we dived under the sea and created many magical stories.  We also used our creative skills to make salt dough and CD rainbow fishes.  We used our colour mixing skills to make cards for FUDGE day and are looking forward to the FUDGE stay and play tomorrow!

Down the Woods

We had a fantastic day on our school field.  We hunted for woodland creatures and created a den for them using sticks, leaves and flowers.  We used binoculars to bird spot and magnifying glasses to hunt for minibeasts.  A fire was lit and we toasted marshmallows and ate them with a biscuit whilst listening to a story. Our final activity  was creating with clay and natural materials.

Pirate adventures
Healthy eating and Sainsbury's week

Fruit Week

As part of fruit week we have been learning about things that contribute to our 'good health'.  In the mark marking area have been creating our own recipes and in the messy play area we have been making fruit smoothies. Our fruit week concluded with a fruit salad sale for the whole school which was a huge success!


This week we wanted to learn about the different transports we saw on our walk to and from the Watercress Beds. We were very lucky as Naseem’s daddy, Paul and Donato visited us in the nursery and explained to us about how a car works, what a car needs and showed us the different tools they use to fix cars. We advertised a car wash service for the adults at St Peter’s School, it was lots of fun washing the cars and we raised some money for our Family Fun Day too!

St Albans

We have been sharing our favourite places we like to visit in St Albans and created a special book about it. Exploring the Watercress Beds together was a marvellous experience we were very lucky to see lots of different habitats and wildlife.


We have been finding out about May Day and how it is celebrated. We read the book On the Morn of Mayfest, made a floral crown and during physigym we Morris danced. We drew and painted a maypole and danced around the maypole on Friday.

Knights, dragons and princesses

This week we have had a lot of fun pretending to be princes, princesses, knights, kings, queens and dragons. We have made crowns, performed shows, created our own fairy-tale story and have been very imaginative.

Chicks and Spring

We partook in many enjoyable activities with the chicks as well as many spring activities such as, going on an egg hunt, finding out about Easter, making chocolate egg nests and creating our own songs about spring. We have learnt many songs about chicks and hope you enjoyed watching us perform them at our spring hat parade!

MAGE Stay and Play

Thank you for joining us for the MAGE Stay and Play,  we hope you enjoyed the activities. Have a wonderful MAGE (Mother's Auntie's Grandmother's Every Female Carer's) Day on Sunday!

The chicks are here!

Spring and Planting

This week we have been exploring signs of spring. We have been learning about how plants grow and have planted sunflower seeds, potatoes and peas.

Fairytale Land

Following the Fairy-tale Forest drama workshop the Nursery class were keen to turn the roleplay area into a Fairytale forest with a castle. They designed crowns in the art area and built castles with lego.

Book Week and Pancake Day

We have had lots of fun this week sharing our favourite stories, making puppets and story telling. It was fantastic seeing each other dressed up in character costumes! We have enjoyed eating porridge and pancakes for snack and had an enjoyable end to the week in the Fairy-tale Forest drama workshop.


At the end of last term the children described their parent/s as superheroes! So, this week the nursery class talked out what makes people ‘superheroes’ and decorated their own superhero capes using various shapes. We used our imagination to create superhero stories and constructed various things such as a superhero car using the junk modelling materials.

I Love Maths

Thank you for joining us today for the 'I Love Maths' Stay and Play!


This week we have been reading the book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ and describing how much we love our family. The children created cards to you and used their hands to print a heart on the front of the card. We used celery to create a heart shaped pattern boarder and used our mark making skills to sign the inside of the card. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our ‘I Love Maths’ Stay and Play!


We discussed how the dinosaurs may have become exist – one way was that an asteroid hit planet Earth. So our interest this week has been all about space and finding out facts about space!

Dinosaurs and the Chinese New Year

During our discussion on pets many children said they would like to have a dinosaur as a pet! So this week we found out about dinosaurs and the role of a palaeontologist. Today we learnt about the Chinese New Year and sampled noodles and prawn crackers during our snack time!

Pets and animals

We have had a wonderful week retelling stories about animals, creating a home for a pet and finding about animals and their habitats. Thank you to Mr Cotton, Mrs Gardner, Mr Collins and Mr Rees for bringing their pets to Nursery and telling us about how they look after and care for them.

Fun exploring in the snow!


This week we have been telling each other about the toys we received over the Christmas holiday.


After reading the book 'You Choose' we used our imagination in the art area, construction area and role play area to paint, build and become anything we wanted to imagine!



Christmas party and panto

Nativity and Festive Cooking

The superb, confident performance by the EYFS was followed by some mixing, pouring, rolling and cutting to make rice krispie Christmas trees, Christmas biscuits and gingerbread men. The children have thoroughly enjoyed decorating their delicious festive treats.

Winter and Festive Spirit!

This week we have been getting into the festive spirit.  We have been using our hands and feet to print, developed our cutting skills to cut out our wish list of toys from a catalogue and followed steps to make our very own sock snowman!

Just Dance

The Nursery children waltzed into full control and requested a week of dance and performance. The children transformed the mark making area into a ticket office, the maths area became an area of payment with tills and money.  The art area turned into a costume making factory and the role play area transformed into the performance theatre with many snacks being served throughout the show!

Entering the world of people who keep us safe. 

Last Thursday we experienced how to evacuate the nursery during a fire drill.  The children had many questions to ask the firefighters and this created a discussion on people who keep us safe. So, to coincide with road safety week this week we were visited by David our lollipop man, the PCSO and the firefighters! The children have thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of the different occupations.

What a fun filled week we have had!

Thank you for supporting our One World Week and the Children in Need Singalong, the children have learnt so much. 

All about Thailand and Serbia

Today we found out about Thailand.  Tara’s mummy showed us a map of the world and told us that Thailand is in South East Asia.  Thailand has lots of beaches, mountains and elephants.  In Thailand the elephants have smaller ears.  The language spoken is Thai.  Tara’s mummy taught us how to say hello, how are you and thank you in Thai.  We saw the 44 letters of the Thai alphabet and learnt how to say the letters names.  Tara’s mummy showed us how to write the numbers 1 to 5.  We tasted Thai sweets, they were made with flour, coconut milk and sugar. Noa’s mummy told us about the Serbian alphabet.  Noa’s mummy taught us the alphabet and we learnt lots of Serbian words.  Some letters look the same as the Latin alphabet, one letter looked like the letter p but in Serbia it makes the r sound and to make the sound we rolled our tongues.  We worked together to spell the words lips using the Serbian alphabet. In Serbia the children learn the Serbian alphabet first and then they learn the Latin alphabet.  Noa’s mummy taught us three words in Serbia, hello, goodbye and thank you.

Eid in Syria and our EYFS Singalong

Today Lamar’s mummy shared the celebration of Eid in Syria.  Eid is celebrated for three days.  On the first day families in Syria wake up early and go to the mosque. They then give money to the people who need help. Children wear new clothes, receive gifts and have a family meal together. Special sweets called baklava are made.  The language spoken in Syria is Arabic.  We learnt how to say hello and thank you in Arabic.  Lamar and her mummy also taught us how to count to five in Arabic.  Lamar’s mummy showed us how to wear a head scarf. Thank you for supporting our EYFS Children In Need Singalong today. The Singalong was a huge success raising £50.00

Finding out about Kashmir

Where is your mini me playing today? Hassan’s mummy showed us the flag of Kashmir and share lots of interesting facts like, children our age walk along way to get to school.  They walk through the lovely mountain in Kashmir. The main languages spoken in Kashmir are Urdu and Bihari.  Hassan’s daddy had written the alphabet, numbers and colours in Urdu, we learnt how to say the colours and numbers in Bihari. Hassan’s mummy showed us the traditional Kashmir clothing called a Salwar and Kameez.  In winter it gets very cold, the families in Kashmir stitch and sew their own shawls and hats to keep warm, we tried on the hat and shawl.

Christmas in Germany and facts about Morocco

Where is my mini me hiding today?  Aneurin and Aeronwy’s mummy showed us the German flag and talked about the colours.  We looked at a book about Germany and learnt many facts like… Germany is one and a half times bigger than the United Kingdom.  Aneurin and Aeronwy’s mummy told us about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany.  Christmas is celebrated on the 24th December that is a day earlier than the UK! We saw Christmas ornaments called the pyramid and the nut cracker.  On the 6th December children in Germany polish their boots and St Nicholas fills the boot up with lots of treats.  We smelt traditional seasonings used during Christmas like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, vanilla and orange.  At snack time we tasted pickled sweet cucumber spears. Naseem’s mummy shared interesting facts about Morocco with us.  She showed us traditional Moroccan clothing that children wear for Eid and when they visit the mosque.  We saw Moroccan ornaments like a teapot where mint tea is brewed. In Morocco the numbers are written the same way as the UK but spoken differently.  Naseem’s mummy taught us how to count to 5 in Moroccan.  In Morocco they speak Arabic, Moroccan and French. We learnt how to say hello, thank you and please in Arabic and Moroccan.

National Nursery Rhyme Week, Pudsey Bear and Remembrance Day

We began the week talking about how we can help others and finding out about Pudsey Bear. We have learnt 5 nursery rhyme as part of National Nursery Rhyme week and we are looking forward to singing them to you next week for the EYFS Children In Need Sing a Long. We made poppies, learnt about Remembrance Day and took part in the 2 minutes silence today.

Diwali and Bonfire night

This week we have been finding out about Diwali and Bonfire night. We have used various marks to create a firework picture, tasted Diwali snacks and ended the week moving like the fireworks with the scarves!

Entering the Land of Magic!

With a swish of the wand the nursery turned into a land of magic! We have enjoyed exploring magical slime, making pumpkin rice krispies, edible potions and magical wands.  The week ended with an EYFS Magical Tea party! 

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

We have had a wonderful time exploring pumpkins. We became chefs this week and really enjoyed making some delicious pumpkin soup!

The Little Red Hen

This week we have continued to explore things found in autumn.  We have used the objects found to make animals, ordered them by their size and used them in our role play kitchen! We retold the story of the Little Red Hen, the Little Red Hen then delievered us some flour which we used to make playdough.

Autumn and Harvest

We have been exploring Autumn and finding out about Harvest in preparation for our 'Harvest Festival Sing along'.  We hope you enjoyed listening to us singing our Autumn and Harvest songs today!

The Exploring Continues!

Exploring continues to help us become confident! We have been building new friendships and learning the routine of the day so we can become independent learners.

Rain or shine we learn outside!

We had a wonderful time exploring in the rain today.

Nursery Explorers!

We have been very busy this week exploring the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Nursery's First Stay and Play!

Thank you for participating in the ‘Stay and Play’ session, we hope you found it a valuable experience and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other parents, carers and children in the Nursery.


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