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Music we are listening to

This week we are listening to Space Oddity by David Bowie.  This is featured in part of a song section which our orchestra will perform at the Alban Arena in March.

David Bowie – Space Oddity.mp3

This week we are listening to the Star wars Theme Tune, composed by John Williams.  This piece is one that some of our school orchestra will be learning and then performing at the Alban Arena in March.

Star Wars Theme Song By John Williams.mp3

Close your eyes...what can you imagine as you listen to this piece?

Celtic battle music - The King of The Highlands.mp3

This music is from Bali.  What instruments do we have in school that might sound similar to these Balinese instruments?

Bali Indonesien - Relaxing with Bali Impressions - Bali Indonesia 2009.mp3

Listen to the words in this song.  What do you think they are singing about?

Soweto Gospel Choir.mp3

These are some tuned drums known as steel drums.  Where in the world do you think music like this comes from?

Caribbean Steel Drums - Shake Shake Shake Sonora.mp3

A new start to the year!  And so an inspiring song to listen to this week.  What do you think about when you hear this song?

When You Believe cover by One Voice Childrens Choir.mp3

This week we are listening to a beautiful version of a beautiful traditional carol.  How have they made it sound so magical?

Beautiful Christmas Carol.mp3

Beautiful Christmas Carol.mp3

This week I have chosen a festive song for us to listen to: The Carol of the Bells.  A lovely song to listen to at Christmas Time.

Original Carol of the bells song.mp3

Traditional Irish Jig (Clare's Jig_ Swallowtail Jig_ Tenpenny Bit).mp3

Another song from a far away land, can you guess where this music is from?

Amar ridoy ekta ayna.mp3

This week I have chosen an interesting piece from a far away place.  Can you guess where it is from?
This week a contemporary song has been chosen to listen to.  The band Cold Play wrote this song.  How does it make you feel as you listen to it?

Coldplay - Yellow.mp3

The piece of music chosen for today is rather emotive.  What emotions do you feel as you listen to it?  What could you say about the tempo of the music?

_Let You Go_ - Sad Piano Instrumental Song (Vintage Style).mp3

|This week we are listening to a thought provoking song.  Heal the World by Michael Jackson.  What do you think inspired this song?

Michael Jackson - Heal The World.mp3

WET WET WET - With A Little Help From My Friends (with lyrics).mp3

This week we are listening to a piece of contemporary music which has some strong lyrics. It was first written by the Beatles but this version is sung by a band called Wet Wet Wet. What do the lyrics mean to you?

Yet again with Black History month in mind we are listening to a piece of 12 bar blues.  Can you create your own lyrics for this song?  At the end listen out for a little addition...what is it?

Gary Clark Jr. - 12 Bar Blues-Jam @Jam'in'Berlin.mp3

This week we are listening to a jazz piece called 'Take Five'. Which instruments can you hear?  How does the piece make you feel?

Dave Brubeck - Take Five.mp3

This week we are listening to this beautiful piano and cello version of the pop song, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Bob Marley- Three Little Birds.mp3

This week we will be listening to a piece of reggae music from Jamaica by an artist called Bob Marley.  Do you notice any similarities to the piece we heard last week?


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version from YouTube



Each week pupils will be listen to a piece of music each day in assembly.  The chosen piece will be introduced in their weekly singing assemblies and will expose them to a wide range of musical genres.


This week children will be listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'.  His gentle Hawaiian tones compliment the laid back off-beat ukulele strumming.   










We have been listening to the music from the Planet Suite by Gustav Holst this half term.
For the last half term we have been listening to music from the Firebird Suite by Stravinsky.
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